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5 ways to squeeze in a training run

5 Ways to Squeeze in a Training Run

The one commodity that no one has enough of is time. We’re short on time, there’s never enough time, and sometimes, time even gets wasted. One of the biggest obstacles of half marathon training is finding time. When your boss is pushing you to finish by the deadline,... More

6 Podcasts to Help You Run Farther

Music and running are like chicken and waffles—they’re both terrific on their own, but once combined, true magic is created. Although there’s plenty to be said for the calming effects of running in silence or surrounded by birdsong or ocean waves, most suburban and city... More
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Training To PR Your Next 5K

Running a PR (personal record) in the 5k scares me more than any half marathon or marathon that I have ever trained for. Why? Because it happens in the blink of an eye! When you’re running a 5K with the intention of crushing a PR, there’s... More

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Losing 115 Pounds and Gaining Confidence

My story starts back about 16 years ago, pre-divorce, from a physically abusive marriage. Before I married my ex, I was actually very athletic and on the path to becoming a competitive rider. Unfortunately, I gave it all up for him. At that time, I became... More

Running as a Form of Self-Love

Today marks my 9 months runniversary and I’m proud to say that I am 3/4 of the way through my first year! That’s a lot longer than some relationships I’ve had! They say that getting started  is always the hardest, but I find that the most... More
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Running Down My Two Biggest Fears At The Boston Marathon

Everyone has their own story about why they run. My story begins with fear. When I was in eighth grade, both of my grandmothers died of cancer within two months of each other. Last year, my wonderful cousin died of melanoma, at the age of... More

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Introducing Runkeeper + Spotify Running!

Introducing Runkeeper + Spotify Running!

A good playlist is probably the second most important thing on a run, after shoes. We know it takes a lot to get your running music right, so we’re thrilled to announce that we’re integrating with Spotify Running! Spotify Running detects your tempo, matches it... More
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This Music May Help You Run Faster

We all have those few songs we stick towards the end of our running playlists for when we know we’ll be in dire need of a boost. Everyone’s got their personal preferences — whether it’s a good EDM song for you or an 80’s power ballad for... More
New Year, New Runkeeper for Android. And a 2015 recap!

New Year, New Runkeeper for Android. And a 2015 recap!

The new year is a time when we all think about making major improvements and putting our best face forward. In that spirit, we’ve just introduced a fresh new design in our Android app. This update incorporates the best of Android material design principles, while... More

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It’s Back! Join the Global 5K

Runkeeper Global 5K 2nd Edition from Runkeeper on Vimeo. We now interrupt your regularly scheduled running program for a very important announcement. The Global 5K is back! In case you’re just tuning in, it’s our biggest event of the year. It’s also a chance for... More

Introducing the Jaybird X2 Challenge!

Music and running go together like, well, music and running! Nothing pumps up your run better than the right playlist, and our friends at Jaybird know this well. To motivate you this month, we’re teaming up to launch the Jaybird X2 Challenge. Track 6 workouts... More
Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Challenge

Introducing the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Challenge

Enjoying the great outdoors is one of the many benefits of working out. Casio knows this well and is excited to launch their new Smart Outdoor Watch! To celebrate the launch with them, we’re teaming up to challenge you this month. Join the Casio Challenge... More