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How to Keep Up Your Fitness Routine in the Winter

6 Ways to Keep Up with Your Running Routine in the Winter

The first few weeks after you’ve made your New Year’s Resolution, you’re cruising on adrenaline and hope, waking up early for those workouts and feeling on top of the world. All the while it’s getting colder and colder outside. There’s enough January 1 magic in... More
5 Ways to Kickstart Your Weight Loss This Winter

5 Ways to Kickstart Your Weight Loss This Winter

A few short weeks ago, you decided 2015 is your year to get to your goal weight. But now that we’re a few weeks into January, you realize it’s much more appealing to nosh on high-calorie comfort foods and curl up on the couch than... More
3 Keys for Marathon Success

3 Keys to Success in Marathon Training

The holidays are gone, the New Year is here, the temperatures are falling fast, and the Boston Marathon is less than 100 days away. It’s time to get serious about your training. As head coach of 6 teams training for the race (Mass General ER... More

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How I'm Getting Back Into Running, One Half Mile at a Time

How I’m Getting Back into Running, One Half Mile at a Time

Just the other day someone asked me if I was still running. This, mind you, would not have been a question anyone would have asked me had I not let a weak moment of hubris get the better of me. I had posted the mandatory... More
How Meeting a Bunch of Happy Runners Turned Me into a Marathon Runner

How Meeting a Bunch of Happy Runners Turned Me into a Marathon Runner

OK, it didn’t exactly happen quite that fast, but I do owe much of my inspiration for running to the many Boston Marathon runners I waited on while working in a Copley Square restaurant on Marathon Monday. That day in 2009 was chaos. We ran out... More

This Year You Can

It’s mid January. Maybe the best of New Year’s Resolutions intentions have already started to fizzle out. Maybe you think great running achievements are only made for those who were born super speedy. Maybe it’s already starting to feel like every other year. Stop that.... More

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We've Got the Music+Fitness Experience You've Been Begging Us For

We’ve Got the Music+Fitness Experience You’ve Been Begging Us For

“RunKeeper, when will you get Spotify integration?” This has been hands-down one of our most frequently asked questions over the years. It’s no shock. You’ve told us that music is one of the top things that keeps you motivated on a run, and Spotify’s trove... More

RunKeeper without your Phone? Announcing RunKeeper 5.1 for Android!

You read that title correctly ladies and gentlemen! Today we’re rolling out RunKeeper 5.1 on Android, and it’s chock full of goodies. Sony SmartWatch 3 support: While Android Wear support has been around for a while, the brand new Sony SmartWatch 3 comes with it’s... More
HealthKit Integration & Indoor Improvements: We've Got It All in RunKeeper 5.1

HealthKit Integration & Indoor Improvements: We’ve Got It All in RunKeeper 5.1

We’ve tucked a whole slew of improvements into this latest RunKeeper release, to give you the boost you need to keep up with the running routine this holiday season. Check ‘em out below! HealthKit: You asked, we answered. Now RunKeeper activities, including calories and distance... More

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Get Exclusive Access to Tracksmith Gear this Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, a lot of Americans will be celebrating by gathering around their festive tables with friends and family to enjoy a hearty meal. However, early that morning a select few will be out running. Whether it’s to keep your training on track or to... More

Need help getting out there this month? Join the Kickstart Your Routine Challenge!

It’s not easy staying active, no matter where in the world you are. Hot or cold, rain or shine, it’s always easy to fall behind. In order to help you get back on track, we’re bringing you the Kickstart Your Routine Challenge! Beginning this Friday,... More
Your Workout is About to Get Much Sweeter: Introducing Rewards!

Your Workout is About to Get Sweeter: Introducing Rewards!

Ever notice how a glass of chocolate milk tastes that much better after a hard run? Or just how much you love those medals you get at the finish line of a race? Rewards for a job well done are always a welcome thing, and... More