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8 tips for running down your goals Image

8 Tips For Running Down Your Goals

A year and a half ago I moved to New York City and started real life post college bliss (Read: Oh my god insurance, rent, cellphone bill, MOM DAD HELP). I was always an avid exercise freak in college…or maybe I hung out with too many... More
18 ways to keep your new years feature

18 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year, millions of people around the world make New Year’s resolutions to better themselves in the coming year. They announce their goals on social media, buy gym memberships, create motivational “New Year New You” Pinterest boards, and take their first steps towards healthier and stronger lifestyles. Then February... More
feelings runner live by feature

15 Feelings All Runners Live For

There are good runs, great runs, tough runs, rough runs, rewarding runs, effortless runs, bad runs, mediocre runs, and runs that are so terrible they make you want to crawl in a ball and cry. But even the worst run is often better than no... More

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Race Movie Feature

Introducing the #RKRaceMovie Contest

When you close your eyes and think of your proudest running moment, what comes to mind? Are you crossing the finish line of your first race? Is it the moment you realize that you’re about to run a personal best? Or is it the moment you... More
5 Ways to Use Photography to Inspire Your Running

5 Ways to Use Photography to Inspire Your Running

Do you run farther on your normal neighborhood route, on a treadmill indoors, or when you’re traveling and running in a new place? Personally, I find myself running twice the distance I might run at home when I’m exploring somewhere unfamiliar. Perhaps it’s the motivation... More
jill feature

Regaining My Confidence During the Global 5K

I was always terrible in P.E. in school. That may be a serious understatement…I was always the worst one in the class.  I have horror stories, I swear, some of which traumatized me for life. How hard is it to fail P.E. class?  Pretty damn... More

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New Year, New Runkeeper for Android. And a 2015 recap!

New Year, New Runkeeper for Android. And a 2015 recap!

The new year is a time when we all think about making major improvements and putting our best face forward. In that spirit, we’ve just introduced a fresh new design in our Android app. This update incorporates the best of Android material design principles, while... More

Stop running on those super old shoes. We’ve got shoe tracking for you!

Uh, raise your hand if you have no idea how many miles you’ve put on your running shoes. Yeah, we thought so. Even though conventional wisdom suggests replacing running shoes every 300-500 miles, it can be a lot of effort to keep track. And it... More
Hold the phone. We’ve got a standalone Runkeeper app for Apple Watch.

Hold the phone. We’ve got a standalone Runkeeper app for Apple Watch!!

With the completely rebuilt Runkeeper app for Apple Watch, you can actually leave your phone at home on your run and still get all the tracking goodness you love. Never have the words hold the phone have been so literal. This is for all of... More

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Introducing the Run to Routine Challenge

Need an extra push to get you running this New Year? Look no further! Our latest Run to Routine challenge will help to get on the right track. By breaking down your running goals into a set of realistic activities, you are more likely to... More
Runkeeper Global 5k

Join the entire Runkeeper community for our Global 5k!

We know the Runkeeper community is spread out through hundreds of countries across the globe, but sometimes as an individual runner it can be hard to remember just how big and awesome this community is. We wanted to fix that by encouraging all of you—from... More
Introducing the TIMEX IRONMAN Run x50+ Challenge!

Introducing the TIMEX IRONMAN Run x50+ Challenge

Looking to make your workouts a little longer, but needing some extra motivation?  You’re in luck, because we’re teaming up with friends at TIMEX to bring you the TIMEX IRONMAN Run x50+ Challenge! To complete this challenge, track two 50-minute activities by Monday, November 9th.... More