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5 Key Steps to Running Safely

5 Key Steps to Running Safely

Runners are always looking to optimize different aspects of their workouts: speed, distance, form, but safety is an important one not to be overlooked! We decided to put together a quick list for you to make sure you have a great, safe run! 1. Make... More

How I Trained for a Marathon Using Mostly the Treadmill

Howdy friends!! This one is for all my runner friends, especially the ones that have been using RunKeeper as their go-to workout tracking app. One of my clients at the gym is training for a full marathon in November and we were talking about implementing more... More

What I Wish I Knew About Motivation When I Started Running

As Woody Allen famously said, “80 percent of success is showing up.” And this rings true for running, too. As often the hardest part of a run is showing up in the first place. I like to think I’m pretty motivated to keep fit and... More

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I Rode 300 miles in a Month and Boy are My Legs Tired…

Nope. That’s it. No punchline. Just tired legs. So, after reading (and reviewing!) the Big Book of Cycling last month I decided I wanted to become a more dedicated cycling commuter. When our culture team announced that they were introducing a new program called “Earn... More
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Running with Simon & Inspired to Tackle a Marathon

We’ve been recapping stories from Simon‘s Boston to NYC journey. If this is your first time hearing about it, be sure to read our other blogs about his trip!  My inspiration to become a runner started when my daughter Morgan joined her cross country team... More
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Looking for a Challenge

In the Spring of 2013 I was looking for a challenge. I was looking for a big goal to train for. One Saturday evening, 3 couples I was with planned a eurotrip. On the second week of their trip, they planned to meet with each other... More

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Announcing RunKeeper 5.0: Take RunKeeper Indoors!

Announcing RunKeeper 5.0: Take RunKeeper Indoors!

One of the worst things about harsh winter temperatures coming is the tough choice between bundling up for a run in the snow (with RunKeeper) or opting for the indoor comforts of a treadmill (without RunKeeper). We’re hoping to make that transition to the treadmill... More

Track Your Active Life with RunKeeper + Microsoft Band!

Today we’re super proud to share that we are joining Microsoft in their mission to help people live healthier and be more productive, integrating RunKeeper with the all new Microsoft Band, their fitness-focused smart band powered by Microsoft Health! With the Microsoft Band, you can... More
Get the fuller picture of your fitness with RunKeeper + Misfit Shine

Get the Fuller Picture of Your Fitness with RunKeeper + Misfit Shine

This just in: now you can connect RunKeeper to the Misfit Shine wearable to get even smarter about tracking your fitness! Misfit Shine can be worn anywhere on your body, and seamlessly tracks your overall movement and sleep to inspire you to live an active... More

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Need help getting out there this month? Join the Kickstart Your Routine Challenge!

It’s not easy staying active, no matter where in the world you are. Hot or cold, rain or shine, it’s always easy to fall behind. In order to help you get back on track, we’re bringing you the Kickstart Your Routine Challenge! Beginning this Friday,... More
Your Workout is About to Get Much Sweeter: Introducing Rewards!

Your Workout is About to Get Sweeter: Introducing Rewards!

Ever notice how a glass of chocolate milk tastes that much better after a hard run? Or just how much you love those medals you get at the finish line of a race? Rewards for a job well done are always a welcome thing, and... More
Get Active With Us On #OlympicDay!

Get Active With Us On #OlympicDay!

You know us; we’ll take any excuse to be active, but we’ve got an especially exciting one this month: Olympic Day! That’s the day the International Olympic Committee has set aside to encourage people around the world to get active and celebrate the Olympic spirit.... More