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6 Pieces of Advice I Wish I Would Have Gotten As A New Runner

6 Pieces of Advice I Wish I Would Have Gotten As A New Runner

I was never an athletic person and physical activity was a chore I dreaded. Becoming a runner is hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done! (And my first marathon was pretty dreadful.) When I was first getting started I had no clue what I... More
Why everyone should do a long distance relay race

Why everyone should run a long-distance relay race

Maybe you saw the post on Facebook, or maybe it was Twitter. Maybe the photos were filling up your Instagram feed, so over-filtered that the sweaty runners’ faces actually looked glamorous. Or maybe it was your coworkers bragging about the “big event” coming up and... More
Running Feet

What Do You Need to Run? A Beginner’s Guide

Spoiler: it’s not that much. All you need to run is shoes, clothes, and maybe an armband with your phone so you can track it on Runkeeper 😉 It sounds simple, but you also have the option to include compression attire, moisture wicking bands, and every... More

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My first half marathon

Training for my first half marathon

I’ve been training to run my very first half marathon in Nashville on October 31st. Since we are on the road for nearly the full month of September, I’ve been training in some pretty incredible cities to say the very least. With a hectic schedule... More
I started running at 62 years old

I started Running at 62 Years Old

I am an unlikely runner! I am 63 years and have been running for a year. My journey has been long—but worth it. I grew up a very sedentary person. I liked to read, but was in no way interested in being active. I was... More
I Run Marathons But Really Struggle with Motivation in the Off Season

Tales of a Marathon Runner Who Can’t Get it Together in the Off-Season

This is a typical conversation from the past few months between myself and any friend who isn’t my husband and doesn’t see how lazy I am on a day-to-day basis. Friend: “How’s running going?” Me: “Not so hot. I’m really out of shape and slacking... More

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Introducing Runkeeper 6.0

Welcome to Runkeeper 6.0 for iOS!

Fun. Inclusive. Encouraging. For runners, by runners. Those pillars drove our brand refresh, which we first introduced to you last month. We are proud to continue along that path and reveal a completely redesigned Runkeeper app for iOS! We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground... More
New Balance MyNB Falmouth Challenge

Introducing the New Balance MyNB Falmouth Challenge!

This year, more than 12,000 people committed to run seven miles at the New Balance Falmouth Road Race. And now you can follow in their footsteps! We’re excited to announce the launch of the New Balance MyNB Falmouth Challenge! Track seven running or walking activities*... More
Introducing Runkeeper DJ

Music at Your Pace With Runkeeper DJ

How are you feeling today? Aiming to Run This Town ? Perhaps Run The World ? Maybe just looking to Take A Walk ? No matter what your motives are, we have big news that you’re going to want to hear if you’re an iPhone user. Without further ado,... More

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We choose Brand

Short-term gains vs. brand. We choose brand.

In the process of developing the new Runkeeper brand, we knew it was risky to switch to such a different logo when we had been around for seven years with the same look and feel. Especially to one that was even a bit whimsical and fun—and... More
Microsoft #SundayRunday

Earn your way to a Microsoft Band with #SundayRunday

It’s Sunday. You’ve been having an action-packed weekend but somehow you’ve managed to drag yourself out of bed for that run. We think that kind of commitment should be rewarded, and that’s exactly what #SundayRunday™ is all about. You get your run on, great brands reward... More
The Runkeeper Race for the Lace Limited Edition Shirt

Running: You’ve Done Worse for New Shirts

Runners and great t-shirts go together like macaroni and cheese. Admit it: that’s half the reason you sign up for races, right? Even after the race, it’s special to see someone out on the trail with the same shirt as you, knowing you went through the... More