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Why Runners Need Carbs

Why Runners Need Carbs

You are a runner. You lacing up your new neon shoes, pounding the pavement, and breezing past pedestrians. Sweat bands, water bottle, playlist, keys—you have all the essentials. But did you remember to get your carbs in today? Yes, they’ve gotten a lot of flack... More
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6 Ways to Make Running More Fun

Ever notice how the things you actually enjoy doing are the ones you tend to stick with for the long haul? We’re pretty obsessed with the idea that running can and should feel awesome, even when you’re working hard and your muscles are getting sore.... More

Running with Diabetes: Part 1

“Both children and adults like me who live with Type 1 diabetes need to be mathematicians, physicians, personal trainers, and dietitians all rolled into one.” – Mary Tyler Moore, JDRF International Chairman “Clear your mind of can’t.” – Samuel Johnson If you live and run with... More

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My Second Birthday

My Second Birthday

This isn’t the first time you’ve seen my story on the RunKeeper blog. I wanted to take this time to update you on my progress since the last time I posted (I’m up to 390 pounds lost!) and also dig a bit more into the... More

Help Draw The World’s Biggest Remembrance Poppy!

In February of 2008, Ben McBean was a Marine stationed in Afghanistan shortly before his 20th Birthday. After stepping on a IED in the line of duty, his left arm and right leg had to be amputated, and he was sent back to the UK... More

Overcoming My First Running Injury

I’m admittedly one of the most stubborn people I know.  My Mom will say that it started at a very early age, when as a one year old I would refuse to let anyone else feed me and instead mashed peas in between my bitty... More

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Track Your Active Life with RunKeeper + Microsoft Band!

Today we’re super proud to share that we are joining Microsoft in their mission to help people live healthier and be more productive, integrating RunKeeper with the all new Microsoft Band, their fitness-focused smart band powered by Microsoft Health! With the Microsoft Band, you can... More
Get the fuller picture of your fitness with RunKeeper + Misfit Shine

Get the Fuller Picture of Your Fitness with RunKeeper + Misfit Shine

This just in: now you can connect RunKeeper to the Misfit Shine wearable to get even smarter about tracking your fitness! Misfit Shine can be worn anywhere on your body, and seamlessly tracks your overall movement and sleep to inspire you to live an active... More
RunKeeper Features You May Have Missed

11 Awesome RunKeeper Features You May Have Missed

Sure, it’s magical that you can track your every workout stat with the push of a button, but RunKeeper has lots of fun bells and whistles beyond the tracking experience. We realize some of them might even fly under the radar, so we polled our... More

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Your Workout is About to Get Much Sweeter: Introducing Rewards!

Your Workout is About to Get Sweeter: Introducing Rewards!

Ever notice how a glass of chocolate milk tastes that much better after a hard run? Or just how much you love those medals you get at the finish line of a race? Rewards for a job well done are always a welcome thing, and... More
Get Active With Us On #OlympicDay!

Get Active With Us On #OlympicDay!

You know us; we’ll take any excuse to be active, but we’ve got an especially exciting one this month: Olympic Day! That’s the day the International Olympic Committee has set aside to encourage people around the world to get active and celebrate the Olympic spirit.... More
That next 5K could get you some sweet rewards, thanks to our new LG Lifeband 5k Challenge!

That next 5K could get you some sweet rewards, thanks to our new LG Lifeband 5k Challenge!

Great gear and workout motivation are two of the things we love most here at RunKeeper. That’s why we’re pumped to launch LG Lifeband 5K Challenge! You’ll get one month free of RunKeeper Elite* just for completing a 5K GPS-tracked activity—plus the chance to win the... More