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16 Pieces of Advice for Anyone Running Their First Race

16 Pieces of Advice for Anyone Running Their First Race

We asked the Runkeeper community what advice they would give to a runner who was about to run their very first race. Here’s what they had to say: 1. “Don’t stress about it—you can always walk!” –@AnaLiss0 2. “You’ll always remember your first race. Do... More
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5 Ways Running Teaches Patience

Patience…isn’t there an app for that? When you live in a world where everything from grocery shopping to dating can happen in a matter of clicks on a smartphone, it’s not surprising that our patience muscles have fallen out of shape. Is your patience running... More
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Foam Rolling, Ab Exercises, & More of Your Running Training Questions Answered!

Last week Runkeeper users asked running and fitness questions and we have answers! If you have questions about training schedules, foam rolling, or ab exercises check this out! If you have other questions respond to our next call for questions on Facebook and Twitter! Happy... More

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Are you a runner?

Are You a Runner?

What defines a runner? Do you have to be able to run a mile to qualify as a runner? Does that title require a certain 5K time? Is there an age bracket? Do you have to be in a running club? Do you need to... More
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Foot By Foot: An Unlikely Runner’s Story

About a year ago, out of desperation from being so sick with migraines multiple times a week, I put on a pair of running shoes and walked out the door. I had heard that some runners had seen a decrease in migraines after running, and... More
How I ran a marathon by accident

How I Ran A Marathon By Accident

So I accidentally, kind of sort of ran a marathon. Well, it wasn’t so much “accidentally” as much as it was “unintentionally” but either way, I didn’t cross the start line intending to run the San Francisco Marathon. I know that sounds really obnoxious and... More

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Introducing Runkeeper 6.0

Welcome to Runkeeper 6.0 for iOS!

Fun. Inclusive. Encouraging. For runners, by runners. Those pillars drove our brand refresh, which we first introduced to you last month. We are proud to continue along that path and reveal a completely redesigned Runkeeper app for iOS! We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground... More
New Balance MyNB Falmouth Challenge

Introducing the New Balance MyNB Falmouth Challenge!

This year, more than 12,000 people committed to run seven miles at the New Balance Falmouth Road Race. And now you can follow in their footsteps! We’re excited to announce the launch of the New Balance MyNB Falmouth Challenge! Track seven running or walking activities*... More
Introducing Runkeeper DJ

Music at Your Pace With Runkeeper DJ

How are you feeling today? Aiming to Run This Town ? Perhaps Run The World ? Maybe just looking to Take A Walk ? No matter what your motives are, we have big news that you’re going to want to hear if you’re an iPhone user. Without further ado,... More

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Everyone. Every run. Welcome to the refreshed Runkeeper  brand!

Everyone. Every Run. Welcome to the refreshed Runkeeper brand!

As far back as we can remember, fitness brands have been built in very similar ways. They showcase elite athleticism, performance, competition and testosterone, and they try to be aspirational for everyone else that doesn’t fit this unobtainable standard. We’ve looked closely at the audience... More
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Earn Your Way to Great New Balance Rewards with Runkeeper Miles!

We know sweet gear is realllllly motivating for you runners. And we’ve long thought that you should be seamlessly able to put your Runkeeper miles to work in earning that sweet gear. That’s why we’re really psyched over here about integrating Runkeeper with the MyNB... More

We love you Breeze, thanks for everything!

We are sad to say that as of today we will be discontinuing development on Breeze, the sister app to Runkeeper. This was a tough decision for our team — we love the product and believed strongly in it’s direction to help people of all... More