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Putting RunKeeper on your wrist with the Magellan Echo Series

RunKeeper is great for tracking your runs, walks, hikes, rides, and can be loads of fun! Do you know what isn’t fun? Dropping your phone mid-run. Or reaching to get your phone out of an arm band or waist belt to change songs or get... More
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Foam Rolling, Ab Exercises, & More of Your Running Training Questions Answered!

Last week RunKeeper users asked running and fitness questions and we have answers! If you have questions about training schedules, foam rolling, or ab exercises check this out! If you have other questions respond to our next call for questions on Facebook and Twitter! Happy... More

Running Myths: You Just Got Debunked!

For National Running Day the RunKeeper team worked to debunk some of the biggest myths in Running. In case you missed it here were  some of our favorites, including ones from our rockstar community! Catch all the action from earlier this week at our accounts on Twitter... More

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#7: Make Friends

Eight Steps To Becoming a Runner

Have you ever heard someone say, “Running is fun,” and thought, “You’re a liar”? Two and a half years ago, I couldn’t run around my block without feeling like I was going to die out, so whenever someone told me that running was easy or... More
Half Marathon Training: Stubbornness Leads Nowhere

The San Francisco Half Marathon: Stubbornness Leads Nowhere

Two weeks into my training to prepare for the San Francisco Half Marathon, everything seemed to be going well. At least so I believed… Training Schedule During my first week of training, I ran three times a week. I started with runs of 20 minutes... More

The San Francisco Half Marathon: From 0 to Running It

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.” That’s exactly what I thought when I got the confirmation mail saying that I was officially registered to run the San Francisco Half Marathon on July 26. “It’s real. I have no experience and two months to make it happen. I better start training.”... More

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UNICEF Clean Water Challenge

Introducing the UNICEF Clean Water Challenge!

Summer is the time to break out the sunscreen, the bathing suits, and of course, the running gear! With the sunshine motivating people to spend time outside, there’s hardly a better season to go for a run. But as the temperature begins to increase, so... More

Introducing Saucony Sunday Runday!

All geared up for the weekend? We certainly are! But make no mistake — this isn’t just some ordinary weekend. This is the first full weekend of summer, so we want to kick off the season right! Therefore, we have a surprise for you this... More

Stay on Track with Prescribed Workouts

A workout schedule that works for you. Nope, not too good to be true! Sorry, we couldn’t resist a little rhyme there. But we’re really, REALLY excited about this one. We know busy schedules are one of the biggest obstacles to getting into a good,... More

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NB Blog

Earn Your Way to Great New Balance Rewards with RunKeeper Miles!

We know sweet gear is realllllly motivating for you runners. And we’ve long thought that you should be seamlessly able to put your RunKeeper miles to work in earning that sweet gear. That’s why we’re really psyched over here about integrating RunKeeper with the MyNB... More

We love you Breeze, thanks for everything!

We are sad to say that as of today we will be discontinuing development on Breeze, the sister app to RunKeeper. This was a tough decision for our team — we love the product and believed strongly in it’s direction to help people of all... More

RunKeeper for Apple Watch: Tune into Your Run

Word on the street is that a pretty cool device called Apple Watch is dropping today. But did you also know that the RunKeeper for Apple Watch is also live today, too? That’s right, the guidance and encouragement you’ve loved with RunKeeper on your iPhone is all... More