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How to Broadcast Your Runs While on the Go

Running is a great way to get in some good ‘ol me time, but with these short days, long nights, and cold weather, it’s not always the safest thing to just plug in your headphones and head out. If you’re a Runkeeper Go subscriber, this is the perfect opportunity to use Live Tracking!

To enable Runkeeper Go, all you need to do is Boot up the Runkeeper app on your iPhone or Android device.


Then, just tap where it says Private, or Live Track.


On this screen, you’ll be able to turn Broadcast Live on, as well as Facebook and Twitter sharing, if you’d like even more people to see your Live trip.


After you’ve done so, just hit the back button, and you’ll see that you’re now set to Sharing or that Live tracking is set to On.


Then all you’ve got to do is hit “Go Running,” and you’re good to head out! Just remember to be sure your GPS has a Good signal!

For a more in-depth overview of how to ensure everything tracks and posts correctly, be sure to check out this article over at Runkeeper’s Support site!


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