Healthy Valentine’s Day Tips from the RunKeeper Community

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Valentine’s Day is almost universally regarded as the most romantic time of year. However it’s also rife with chocolate, expensive dinners, and sharing a glass or three of wine with that special someone.

We know you RunKeepers are great at leading active lifestyles, but here are a few helpful tips from your fellow users, so you don’t take one step forward, two steps back with your training.


  • “as long as its organic (otherwise GMO) and dark choc its actually not too bad. Good source of magnesium. DEF Organic only.”
  • “Enjoy the chocolate and other nice things in life! But with moderation. For your daily routine: low carbs high fat”
  • “don’t diss the chocolate. It’s a feel good food, always great for Valentine’s. It’s all about moderation :-)”
  • “Eat the chocolate now. So I am not tempted on Valentine’s Day.”

The key tip we got out of this is: moderation, moderation, moderation! Personally, I like Alex’s strategy, to have some now so I’m not tempted to binge on Friday.


  • “one cheat meal won’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal won’t make you skinny. Just enjoy it!”
  • “exercise morning of- won’t feel so guilty when you indulge a little that night! Eat Fish, it’s tasty, healthy & romantic meal :)”
  • “Cook a romantic dinner together at home rather than going out to eat. You’ll cut down on calories and sodium!”

Dinner might be something you have less control over, depending on your plans, but it’s always your choice to shy away from that 24oz. Steak, and steer towards that Baked Haddock. And maybe only two glasses of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Via RunKeeper

Via RunKeeper


  • “A run with your honey-bunny!  :-)”
  • “Yes: run like you’re being chased by a lusty crowd that is craving your body. Thinking fight or flight? Get up and freakin RUN!”
  • “Kicks & Kisses Virtual 5k on Valentine’s Day before work!! <3″

This one is a little more obvious. A lot of you suggested running on Valentine’s Day to counterbalance your extravagant evening plans, or taking the day off, relaxing, and running the day after, as well as…other physical activities with the one you love.

Hopefully our users’ tips will help you have a healthier Valentine’s Day, but even if you decide to just go completely nuts and indulge your caloric desires, just remember: no matter what you do, we love you guys.

What was your favorite tip? Be sure to tweet it and cite the awesome RunKeeper user it came from.

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