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The Ultimate List of Running Terms

The Ultimate List of Running Terms

The world of running can be a daunting one with new terms and definitions being thrown at you left, right, and center! We wanted to remedy this as best as we could and reached out to the wider running community to help us all out!... More

Tip: Don’t Tie your Shoes too Tight!

Make sure  two fingers fit under the tongue of your running shoes. Tying your sneakers too tight can cause shin splints and tendon damage!
How to Bring Your Kids Along for a Run

7 Hacks for Running with your Kids

If you are an avid runner, chances are running is a big part of your daily life! If you have kids, they’re probably going to take a keen interest in running too. But when and how is the correct way to introduce your kids to... More

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What I Learned at the Nantucket Yoga Festival

The Backstory I’ve been a high-impact athlete my entire life. For a good ten years I spent all my time slowly graduating up the ladder of America’s most aggressive sports. When I finally landed in the world of rugby, I was thrilled and completely immersed... More

I’ve Lost 90 Pounds Using RunKeeper

In January 2013,  I clocked in at a lovable (according to my awesome and insane wife) 265+ pounds… I had stopped weighing myself because I was too ashamed to know my actual weight. The stress of my job at the time, and what felt like... More
From 0 to 10 Miles with RunKeeper

From 0 to 10 Miles with RunKeeper

My journey started on 15 March 2014. I had had enough of being unfit and decided that I would finally lose all the weight I gained from being pregnant three years ago. I needed something big to motivate me, so when I woke up that... More

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Premium Training Plans are Now Free With RunKeeper Elite

Premium Training Plans are now Free with Elite!

Sounds great, right? Elite users now have access to ALL training plans for free! This gives you numerous choices to find the exercise plan perfect for you! From 5Ks to marathons—you can find the guide with just the right amount of workouts and intensity for you, all... More
We're Better Together: Now You Can Connect RunKeeper & Breeze

We’re Better Together: Now You Can Connect RunKeeper and Breeze!

Here at RunKeeper, we’re always looking to help you lead a more active lifestyle, whether you’re hoping to improve your next 5K or looking to get more steps in day in and day out. With Breeze, we offer encouragement to help you move more throughout... More
Working out and the World Cup

Working Out and the World Cup

It’s no secret that people around the world are changing up their daily habits to avoid missing out on their favorite teams competing at the World Cup, whether it’s staying up later or skipping bathroom breaks. RunKeeper’s users are no exception. In some countries, the... More

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Your Workout is About to Get Much Sweeter: Introducing Rewards!

Your Workout is About to Get Sweeter: Introducing Rewards!

Ever notice how a glass of chocolate milk tastes that much better after a hard run? Or just how much you love those medals you get at the finish line of a race? Rewards for a job well done are always a welcome thing, and... More
Get Active With Us On #OlympicDay!

Get Active With Us On #OlympicDay!

You know us; we’ll take any excuse to be active, but we’ve got an especially exciting one this month: Olympic Day! That’s the day the International Olympic Committee has set aside to encourage people around the world to get active and celebrate the Olympic spirit.... More
That next 5K could get you some sweet rewards, thanks to our new LG Lifeband 5k Challenge!

That next 5K could get you some sweet rewards, thanks to our new LG Lifeband 5k Challenge!

Great gear and workout motivation are two of the things we love most here at RunKeeper. That’s why we’re pumped to launch LG Lifeband 5K Challenge! You’ll get one month free of RunKeeper Elite* just for completing a 5K GPS-tracked activity—plus the chance to win the... More