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“I’m Too Tired To Stretch” Yoga Sequence

Here’s a short yoga sequence that can be integrated as part of your post-run or post work-out routine. This sequence should take around 15 minutes and all you have to do is lay on your back. Let the props do the work, breathe, groan, and... More


Happy Friday! Hope you’re all excited for the great weather forecast ahead of us — spring has finally sprung! Here’s a highlight reel of what you missed this past week in the world of running. Go out there and get active this weekend! How to... More

Tip: Chia for Endurance

Have you gotten on the chia train yet? These little seeds are said to help hydration and energy for endurance sports. Try a spoonful with some water as your pre-workout fuel.

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The Numbers that Changed My Life

Anyone who has battled with their weight understands how numbers control their lives.  For the longest time, I felt that’s how I rated my life.  How old I was, how much I weighed, what size jeans I wore, how many calories I ate, all were... More

Less Than a Week

Less than a week ’til the most anticipated race ever:  the 118th Boston Marathon.  Runners near and far will have their hearts in Boston that day, when we as a running community collectively say “We will never stop”.  Our lives, our beliefs were challenged last April, but we... More

Tracy: Becoming a Streak Runner

I had run for years. Then I didn’t. Then a friend, who used to hate running turned me back on to the sport. She had gone from hating it to doing MARATHONS! And, she did it in a cool way: the Galloway Run-Walk Method. We... More

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Introducing Region-by-Region Localization for RunKeeper!

Here at RunKeeper, we’ve done everything possible to try and broaden the scope of our app. Last year we had a big focus on globalization, and brought RunKeeper to the world by introducing 10 different languages. However, in doing so, we realized that by having... More

RunKeeper: Tagging Friends

Hi guys! We’ve talked about Adding Friends before, but today we’re here to talk about tagging your friends! Lets say you’re out for a run with a friend this weekend, and they’ve forgotten their phone. After you’ve completed your activity, you can tag your friends... More

RunKeeper: Training Plans and Custom Workouts

Hey everyone! As the middle of the month rolls around, you’ve got to be getting a little tired of running the same old Routes with your Friends right? Well you’re in luck! Now more than ever is the perfect time to really commit to your... More

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RunKeeper Releases New iPhone App for Life Tracking: Breeze

RunKeeper Debuts New iPhone App for Passive Tracking: Breeze™

As we have developed RunKeeper over the past few years, we have been inspired by your endless thirst for improvement. With just a little motivation, you push forward, to move faster, longer, harder, and more frequently. We provide the insights, data and challenges — and... More
Introducing an Awesome New Maps Experience with Mapbox

Introducing an Awesome New Maps Experience with Mapbox

Here at RunKeeper we are all about giving you the information you need to better understand and improve on your fitness. Which is why we are thrilled to announce a new maps experience in RunKeeper thanks to Mapbox Outdoors! Mapbox Outdoors includes thousands of biking,... More
Why Non Compete Agreements Should Go

Time for Non-Compete Agreements to Go

When we started RunKeeper, we included a non-compete provision as a standard term in our employment agreement. It was not because we believed in the importance of non-compete provisions, it was simply a standard term at the time. It never really sat well with me... More