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6 Ways to Bust out of a Running Plateau!

6 Ways to Bust out of a Running Plateau!

Running Plateaus and their Causes Runners of all levels go through plateau stages. Those times when you run but just don’t seem to get any faster or be able to go any farther. Sometimes people are happy with their running speeds or distances and don’t... More
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Running – Make it an adventure!

Like many others, when I took up running I had one goal: lose weight. Beyond that, I would have been happy to build up some fitness but the idea of 5K, 10K and Marathons meant nothing to me. What even was a ‘K’? Over 3,000... More
Running Pregnant

Seven Tips for Running While Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a unique enigma for active women—you’re still you, but often times you feel different than your normal “you”. You can range from feeling exhausted to energetic, famished to nauseous, and happy to apathetic – all in the span of a couple of... More

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Exercising with My Daughter: The Happiest Workout!

I love to exercise and I love to spend time with my kid. So, whenever I can’t make it to the gym I exercise with my daughter. Exercising together teaches her a healthy lifestyle, and I get to relieve some stress. When she was a... More

My Experiences as a Guide Runner for the Boston Marathon

When Josh Warren, of the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, first asked me to guide at Boston 4 years ago, I of course said yes. But shortly after agreeing, I also became the most nervous and anxious I’d been in a long... More
Neil Greer

From Overweight to a Runner in 10 Months

I was a typical teenager growing up in the Midwest. The son of a factory worker and a nurse, there wasn’t a lot of time for an active lifestyle. This, unfortunately, led to a very sedentary lifestyle. As that lifestyle continued, so did the weight... More

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Introducing the #RunMcFarland Challenge

Are you looking for additional motivation this month? We’ve got a new challenge that is guaranteed to provide the encouragement you need – the #RunMcFarland Challenge. McFarland, USA is an uplifting movie from Disney that tells the true story of the 1987 McFarland Cross Country... More

Introducing the Sweat. Smile. Repeat Challenge!

This May, we’re spicing up your fitness routine with the Sweat. Smile. Repeat. Challenge! Track five hours of activities between May 4th and May 31st to unlock an exclusive t-shirt. Only RunKeeper users who complete the challenge will have access to this limited edition Sweat.... More

Run 4 It Challenge: brought to you by Centrum

For our newest challenge, we are encouraging our UK users to go further and put your endurance to the test! We’ve teamed up with Centrum – the world’s number 1 multivitamin brand* – to bring you the Run 4 It Challenge. Your task this month... More

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We love you Breeze, thanks for everything!

We are sad to say that as of today we will be discontinuing development on Breeze, the sister app to RunKeeper. This was a tough decision for our team — we love the product and believed strongly in it’s direction to help people of all... More

RunKeeper for Apple Watch: Tune into Your Run

Word on the street is that a pretty cool device called Apple Watch is dropping today. But did you also know that the RunKeeper for Apple Watch is also live today, too? That’s right, the guidance and encouragement you’ve loved with RunKeeper on your iPhone is all... More
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Run On: Meet RunKeeper’s Newest Team Members

Spring has arrived and our team is growing! As always, we like to be “one” with our community, so we asked our three newest team members to reflect on their love of running and “why” RunKeeper. Here’s what they had to share. Meet Jason, UX... More