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Breathe! Yoga for Runners

5 Ways for Runners to Get the Most Out of Yoga

Achy hips. Tight hamstrings. Tired quadriceps. Knee pain. What do these phrases... More
3 Ways Audiobooks Can Ramp Up Your Running

Long Story Short: 3 Ways Audiobooks Ramp Up Your Running

Boredom, that sneaky, persistent nuisance, may be the toughest roadblock you’ll face... More
How to Pick a Running Outfit

Dress for Success: Your Running Wardrobe Staples

With the Athleisure trend hitting its peak, getting the right apparel for... More

Stick With It

Strength Moves to Help Your Running

3 Bodyweight Moves to Help Your Running

Variety is the spice of life (and exercise!) so it’s important for... More
MusicMonday: Our Favorites from Spotify

#MusicMonday Vol. 11: Our Favorites from Spotify

Creating running playlists can be a lot of work, which is why... More
#MusicMonday Vol. 10: Reach the Beach

#MusicMonday Vol. 10: Reach the Beach

We mentioned the importance of good playlist setup in our Reach the... More

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Introducing… The Sweat Life Challenge!

There’s something oddly satisfying about ending a workout completely soaked in sweat.... More

Runkeeper is Ready for watchOS 3!

We’re excited to announce we are ready with a great new Runkeeper... More

Share Your Running Photos in Style with Our New Overlay!

Good scenery is one of the best ways to get through an... More

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Van Support: How I Reached the Beach

Van Support: How I Reached The Beach

Reach The Beach is a relay race that stretches over 200 miles... More
We Reached the Beach

20 Things I Learned About Teamwork in 200 Miles

Running has a bad rap as an individual activity. Don’t get me... More

Exercising on the Road: How Data Keeps Me Motivated

Hi, guys! Peter Shankman here—Super-psyched to be a 2016 Runkeeper ambassador for... More