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Your Weekly Running Workout: Hill Repeats

Live near some hills?   They’re nature’s best training tool, so don’t avoid... More

Your Weekly Running Workout: Countdown Fartlek

4,3,2,1…run fast!  We’re back at it again this week, with another running... More

Your Weekly Running Workout: The Out-and-Back Progression Run

As a running coach, one of my favorite workouts for runners regardless... More

Stick With It


#MusicMonday Vol. 28: Shake Off the Mondays

Let’s face it, Mondays are tough! Waking up is a struggle and... More

Recover Faster with TriggerPoint Foam Rollers

Foam rolling is probably the epitome of the phrase “it hurts so... More

6 Exercises to Help Prevent Running Injuries

Last month, I shared my top tips for avoiding running injuries caused... More

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Runkeeper App Tip: Activity Categories and Names

With latest updates on Android and iOS you can now give any... More
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Runkeeper App Tip: Stay on Track with a Target Pace Workout

Let’s face it, setting a target pace and maintaining it throughout your... More
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Runkeeper App Tip: Use Interval Workouts to Mix It Up

Want to run faster, longer, or need a challenge after hitting a plateau?... More

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How I Learned Marathons Could Be Fun

How I Learned Marathons Could Be Fun

Hello! My name is Kim and I am an avid Runkeeper user,... More
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Things Get Physical at The Simpsons

My job writing for The Simpsons doesn’t demand a lot of physical... More
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Greetings, From Your Running Inferior: Introducing the How to Lose a Marathon Challenge

Hello fellow Runkeeper users. (“Runkeeper users” sounds a bit odd.  Do we... More