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Progression Run Workout: Improve Your Speed With the ASICS Pace Academy™ Challenge

This week’s workout is the third in a series of five workouts... More

Short Fartlek Intervals: Speed Training with the ASICS Pace Academy™ Challenge

This week’s running workout is the second in a series of five... More

Running Surges: Speed Training with the ASICS Pace Acaemy™ Challenge

For this week’s running workout we’re taking you through the the first... More

Stick With It

#MusicMonday Vol. 35: Jaybird X3 Challenge

It’s #MusicMonday and what better way to rock out and celebrate than... More

#MusicMonday Vol. 34: Freestyle Run

It’s freestyle Monday! Run at your own pace and get as funky... More

The Best Runs In Europe’s Most Visited Cities

Great Runs is the ultimate guide to the best running routes in the... More

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What to Expect: The ASICS Pace Academy™ Challenge Workouts Explained

Learning to run faster just got a whole lot easier. We’ve teamed... More

Runkeeper App Tip: Activity Categories and Names

With latest updates on Android and iOS you can now give any... More

Runkeeper App Tip: Stay on Track with a Target Pace Workout

Let’s face it, setting a target pace and maintaining it throughout your... More

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Best Beaches for Running in the U.S. Northeast

Running on a beach is one of life’s great pleasures. There’s nothing... More

#MusicMonday Vol. 31: Boston Run

What’s up, Monday warriors. Today we’re celebrating the world’s oldest annual marathon,... More

Boston Advice from Runkeeper HQ

On Monday, thousands of runners and spectators will take to the streets... More