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How to Post Photos and Notes in Runkeeper

We’ve talked about tracking and interacting with your friends before but if you’re looking for a way to have your activities really pop in your friends’ feeds, there’s no better way than adding Photos and Notes.


We’ve all been there. You’re out for a run, and you catch something out of the corner of your eye. A perfect sunset, the wind blowing the trees in just the right way, or even just the blend of weather and scenery to perfectly encapsulate your trip. Well, don’t be greedy, share it!


Using the in-app camera, located in the upper left corner of any tracking screen, you can take photos while you’re out, tracking or paused. Then at the end of your run you will be able to add any photos taken using any other photo apps if you took any or you can also snap a quick post-run selfie!


After you’ve saved your trip, you can look back on the photos you’ve taken by one of two methods.   If you go to your Runkeeper feed either in-app or online, you’ll be able to scroll back and look at your pictures, as well as any of your friends’ pictures. You can also tap on the pictures for larger versions!


The alternative way of looking at them is to head to your Me tab. After selecting activities, you can then select the trip on which you took your photos, and right there in the notes area, you’ll see a box with your pictures.


Tap that to enlarge them, and you’ll be able to see them full size and swipe through them as you normally would. Speaking of notes…



Another way to spice up your activities and draw the interest of your friends to your trips. Sure, posting “Just completed a 2.19 mile run with @Runkeeper. Check it out!” is all well and good. You did complete a 2.19 mile run! Congrats! But you know what’s better? “First run after being sick.” “First time in Charlestown.”  “Real-easy-getting-back-into-it run.” Not only does something like that let your friends know what kind of run you did, but why you did it, and anything else that you did on your trip! It also makes for a great journal of your running history to look back on. Check out our other blog posts about the Runkeeper App, Crosstraining & Manual LoggingRunkeeper Go & PartnersRoutes & Friends and The Basics!

Jim Redding

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Jim Redding

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