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Join Us As We Track 118 Million Miles for the 118th Boston Marathon

We’re challenging you all to do something big as a community this year.

We’ll need your best effort and your support…

…from now until April 21st, we want to track 118 million miles for the 118th Boston Marathon.

Why, you ask? The events at last year’s Boston Marathon hit us hard. As a Boston company, we loved the energy that the Marathon brought to our city every year, and we were out there that day cheering on several members of our team running the race. Our global community of fitness enthusiasts was hurt that a race that,  in many ways represents the ultimate running accomplishment, could be struck with such senseless violence.

Join Us As We Track 118 Million Miles for the 118th Boston Marathon

Another sentiment emerged, almost immediately after the news of the bombings did. Instead of retreating out of fear, runners everywhere fought back by getting out and moving more than ever, setting big goals, and proving that we can’t be held down. We looked to running and exercise as therapy, organizing races and events of all sizes to honor and support to the far too many victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

As we approach the race a year later, we wanted to do something big to celebrate that resilient spirit and give people an opportunity to achieve something huge together. And we know the demand to be part of the 2014 Boston Marathon far exceeds the official capacity of the race, even with the influx of bibs released this year.

So wherever you are in the world, we want you to help us track 118 million miles to honor and celebrate the 118th Boston Marathon.

You’ll have from March 1st until Marathon Monday (April 21st), and every single distance-based activity you add in Runkeeper will contribute to that total. We’ll track those miles in real-time on this landing page.

We want to know where and when you’re participating in this effort, too, so we’d ask that you include the hash tag #118forboston in the “Notes” section of posting your Runkeeper activities. If you do, your Runkeeper profile photo or any photos you take on the activity will show up on the live, rotating photo grid on that site. Read this post to learn how to include notes and photos after completing a Runkeeper workout.

We’re so excited to see how this community effort will take shape and all the ways you will contribute. We’re also encouraging participants to support the 2013 Boston Marathon victims by donating to the One Fund.

What do you say? Get out and track those miles!! 


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