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Just How Passionate is Runkeeper’s CEO Jason? Check Out This Twitter Rampage to Find Out

Not everyone has met our CEO, Jason Jacobs, but if there’s one word to describe him, it’s passionate. And that’s when he isn’t hopped up on caffeine. Read on to see just how badly he wants us to hit our 118 million miles goal!

According to Twitter, Jason had an “energy drink” at 4:30pm.


A few hours later, and possibly more “energy drinks,” Jason came out with a bold question to brands.

This was followed by an idea for a start up that someone is probably already creating somewhere.

  And then…well, this happened.

And then came his first big commitment…


Apparently, it’s not quite as easy as just getting out there and running it.

Of course, we all remember the first time he got notoriety for running the Boston Marathon, which lead to this.

  He threw out a quick rallying cry to the Runkeeper users.

Before he really upped the stakes.


Which of course got some good reception from our friends at EnergyBits.

And then he finally decided to call it a night.

  At least, we thought he was calling it a night.

For those not in the know, Montell Jordan is a famous musician, known for one of his hits, This is How We Do It.


And Montell replied!! 

But was Montell kidding? Or is he in for real. The jury is still out.

That being said, there were a few who by this point, were rightly bewildered by the night’s events.



And with that, the night’s events came to a close.  We saw this tweet the next morning.


So to recap, if we can hit our 118 million mile goal,  Jason is on the hook for:

  • Donating $1,000 to the One Fund
  • Running the Boston Marathon in a costume

And if a brand donates $10,000, he’s also on the hook for:

  • Running the Boston Marathon wearing a brand logo plastered across his back

And if we get all 118 million miles, Montell Jordan is on the hook for:

  • A song dedicated to our Runkeeper users?

We’ll see how that one goes, but if one thing has become clear after last night, we NEED to hit our 118 million mile goal! Tell your family, tell your friends, tag your runs with #118forBoston to raise awareness and last, but not least, TRACK THOSE MILES! Every mile counts, so get out there, running, walking, biking, etc. Let’s go!

Oh, and since we’re talking peer pressure here, what crazy thing will you do WHEN we hit our goal? Tell us in the comments!

Jim Redding

About the author:
Jim Redding

Jim Redding is runner, nerd, and Runkeeper app expert! He can be found running through Boston's North End...sometimes.