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Jennifer: My Fitness Story

In February 2010 I went into my doctor’s office and stood on the scale.  It read 344 pounds.  Something clicked.  You see, I’d been fat my whole life.  I’d made half-hearted attempts to lose weight, but never made any headway.


For some reason – at age 38 – it was time.  I began a journey to weight loss and fitness.

I began to make slow deliberate changes in eating and exercise.  I began walking.  When weather got cold, I bought a treadmill.  I tried running.  I weighed 289 pounds.

The first time I ran for 2 minutes straight I felt like I was going to die.  I also felt glorious.


In May 2011 I ran a mile straight outside for the first time in my life.   It took me 16 minutes.  In August I joined Runkeeper and was shocked to learn that not all runners were skinny ultra marathoners.  Some were chubbies like me who were running short distances!!!

In September I ran my first 5K race and finished in 36 and change – I ran the whole thing!!!

I kept running and to my shock started getting a little faster.  In July 2012 I hit my goal weight – 119 pounds – bringing my weight loss to 225 pounds.


I was running all the time but when people would call me a runner I would deny it.  Me, a runner?  No way!

In September 2012 I ran a local 10K and was the first female to finish!!  I got a trophy and cried tears of joy.


May of 2013 saw me run my first 1/2 marathon.  And then I ran another.

According to Runkeeper I have run 395 miles so far in 2014.  I am now regularly running under an 8 minute mile.  Sometimes I stare at these numbers on my Runkeeper reports and can’t believe it’s really me!  Who is this woman who 4 short years had NEVER run a mile in her life now running 35 miles a week???


There is nothing special about me.  If I can do it, anyone can!

Jennifer Mosher

About the author:
Jennifer Mosher

My name is Jen. I have lost over 225 pounds and had surgery to remove my excess skin. Now I work every day on making healthy choices to maintain my weight and stay fit and strong in a crazy and challenging world!