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Introducing Region-by-Region Localization for Runkeeper!

Here at Runkeeper, we’ve done everything possible to try and broaden the scope of our app. Last year we had a big focus on globalization, and brought Runkeeper to the world by introducing 10 different languages. However, in doing so, we realized that by having “English (United States)” or French, or Italian, we’ve made the broad assumption that everyone in the United States, France, or Italy all sound the same when speaking, and as we all know, this is not true.

Rolling out today, we’re taking our app to the next level by introducing Region-by-Region localization, starting with our hometown of Boston, MA. From “Activity Started” to “Next Interval” to “Workout Summary,” we’ve brought in a new voice actor to provide region specific dialect so as to provide Bostonians with a voice that sounds more comfortable. You can check out some sample audio below.





In addition to these new region-specific audio cues, we’ll also be introducing the option to turn on region-specific encouragement and trivia! We’re really proud of this function, as we’re breaking down the “Global” audience, and really reaching out to the individual. Bostonians are a rowdy but sometimes calloused sort. With encouragement that ranges from, “Great job kid! You’re on your target pace!” to “Not so fast there, chief,” our new audio cues will make sure you keep on target. Also included is region-specific trivia, meant to liven up those long trips, and to be informative about the local region. Check out a sample of our new audio below!





Over the course of the next year, we’ll look to expand regional dialects in the US, beginning with “Midwest,” “New York,” and “Southern,” as well as new regions in the countries we originally launched our globalization in in: Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy, and Japan! We’ll be working closely with locals and regional experts to find the right balance of intonations and dialect quirks, and to build a database of regional trivia. Click the link below to download the latest version now, and get tracking today, kid!


Download here!


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