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Franco Quidel


Franco Quidel


Malmö, Sweden

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My story is not some big crazy accomplishment, rather the fact that I changed not only my lifestyle but my beliefs. Ever since a small child, being a bit on the large side I always thought that this is who I am. And the other kids, we’ll they were born fitter than me. Of course I tried losing weight, sporadic and without real goals I saw no results.

Then about 2 years ago when I were at me heaviest I started walking to work, in both an attempt to save money and because I was eager to try out this new app that I had downloaded. Somehow seeing the kms rack up as the days passed, and day by day trying to walk faster than the day before made me workout without really thinking about it. Soon I wasn’t tired after walking the 5 km to work and I started playing with the thought of someday running all the way to work. Of course at the time I was sure that only somebody really athletic could accomplish that. But said and done, I bought a real pair of running shoes, my first, and started running. Just a few minutes at a time. But I could see that as the weeks went past I could run farther and farther.

Now I know that everyone can accomplish greatness, everyone can achieve what they think is reserved for the “fit” or ” athletic”—the only enemy is you. And I love that Runkeeper was there, telling me as every km went by, telling me how slow or fast I was going, motivating me with e-mails and fitness plans.

Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves.

Past Races:

Toughest = 8 km obstacle course
Midnight run = 10 km inner city run (really festive and crazy amount of people )
Malmö half-marathon = 21 km my very first official half marathon run ! Next time I will try out a full marathon !


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