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Runkeeper Debuts New iPhone App for Passive Tracking: Breeze™

As we have developed Runkeeper over the past few years, we have been inspired by your endless thirst for improvement. With just a little motivation, you push forward, to move faster, longer, harder, and more frequently. We provide the insights, data and challenges — and you bring the ever-enduring human spirit.

Today, we’re introducing something new that caters to that same drive — all day long. Meet the newest addition to our Runkeeper family: Breeze. Whereas our first app, Runkeeper, is focused on when we work out, Breeze covers the rest of the day — to help everyone move more throughout their lives.

Breeze gives you simple insights into your daily activity and motivates you to make fitness a bigger part of your life. Breeze starts by tracking all the steps you take — but it goes far beyond your average pedometer. Breeze tells you where and when you are moving throughout the day, offers personal daily goals, motivating notifications that are subtle yet persuasive, and celebrates big moments and achievements. You’ll gain more insight into how your daily activities through a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Let’s check it out:

Runkeeper Releases New iPhone App for Life Tracking: Breeze

When you open Breeze for the first time, the very first thing it does is pull your past seven days’ worth of activity data to paint a clear picture of what your daily steps and routine look like, and automatically determine a smart daily movement goal. Here are some other features tailored to providing the best guidance and motivation:

  • Always-on tracking: Breeze runs in the background, automatically tracking all your movement throughout the day, without any input or work needed from you.
  • Helpful reminders: We’ll let you know how close you are to hitting your goal, when you still have time left in the day to get more steps in.
  • Context around your behavior: Timely notifications on your long walks highlight all the places in your day where you’re making smart choices for your health.
  • Simple recaps of your progress: Every morning starts with a summary of what you did the day before. At any point you can look at your profile to see how a day’s steps compares to previous days, weeks and months.
  • …and it does this all without draining your battery! Breeze is initially available on the iPhone 5s only (and future models) that have the M7 co-processor, which efficiently tracks motion in a way that limits the drain on your battery.


One of the keys to staying healthy is avoiding the sedentary routines that can be so easy to fall into. We’re thrilled to have created something that addresses all the time you spend outside of actively working out and sweating, and makes it easier for fitness to become a natural part of your lifestyle. Even if you’ve always felt like you don’t really have the time to create a fitness routine, Breeze helps you find the hidden opportunities for fitness that are already built into your day, like that long walk you to took to get your lunch, or the steps you’re racking up without realizing while doing your household chores.

Breeze is a powerful tool to help you keep up between active seasons of training, and brings context to the rest of your day even if you are working out all throughout the week. It perfectly aligns with our core mission at Runkeeper of encouraging active living for everybody!

So what’s next? Lots! This is just the first version of Breeze, and we have a lot more in store:

  • Integration between the Breeze and Runkeeper apps: They will be collectively even more powerful, and we are actively working to get that integration up and running (pun intended).
  • More device support: Today, Breeze is available exclusively for the iPhone 5s. We’re also digging into the experiences we can build for those of you using other phones.
  • More personalized guidance: Our features and notifications are only going to get better, more helpful, and more specific to your life.

We’re just getting started here, and we’d be honored if you’d join us for the ride! Download Breeze, spread the word, and be sure to take a look at the video below to get a better sense of how Breeze can transform your day—and your habits. Let’s get moving!

The Breeze App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone.

Breeze by Runkeeper from Runkeeper on Vimeo.


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