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Join us for #SundayRunday 2!

With the success of our last #SundayRunday, we’re bringing it back! As many of you know, April was a pretty busy month for the city of Boston, and it just didn’t feel right for us to shoehorn a run of our own in, so we waited, biding our time until less congested weekends opened up. Well it totally has!

So a few weekends from now, on Sunday, May 18th, we want you to get out and run with us! We’ll be organizing an official gathering for the city of Boston, but we’d love for you guys to get out there and organize group runs in your own cities and towns! (Unfortunately, there won’t be any prizes this go round.)

So if you’re thinking of starting a #SundayRunday in your area, great! You can create a Meetup over on, whip up an Event on Eventbrite, make a Facebook Event, or just use word of mouth! If you are creating an event though, let us know and we’ll help get the word out! (See below!)

If you’re thinking of joining a #SundayRunday, we’ll be curating a list of everyone that reaches out and will try and keep it as updated as we can with all the different locations. Check out the list here!

So join us! We’ll see you out there.

Feature image Courtesy of DrJ Photography


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