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We’re Partnering with adidas and Spotify to Bring You Awesome Playlists With Your Routes!

What makes running along your favorite route even better? The perfect music, of course!

Planning all that can be tough, though, which is why we’re thrilled to have partnered with adidas and Spotify to make it all happen! We’ve done all the hard work—well, minus the running—for you.

Just go to the Boost Your Run website, enter in your desired location, your must-have running song, and just how hard and long you want to go, and voila! Seconds later you’ll have several routes to choose from and the tunes to carry you through. Easily add your preferred route to your Runkeeper account with one click, and fire it up next time you’re ready to pound the pavement. Don’t forget your headphones!

We’re Partnering with Spotify and adidas to Bring You Awesome Playlists With Your Routes!

The playlists will be available for free on the Spotify mobile app, but if you sign up for the adidas newsletter, you’ve got a chance to win a year of Spotify premium! Just think about all the great running music that is in store for you.

We could go on for days about the subject of running and music, but bottom line is, we’re thrilled to be working with these partners to make your Runkeeper experience even better. We’ve talked about the benefits of running with music before, so we can’t wait to hear how these tunes pump up your workout! Oh, and let us know in the comments what you think of the playlists Boost Your Run suggests—we’re all ears.


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