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Training Advice in the Palm of Your Hand

Earlier this summer we made training plans a much more prominent part of our app. Our goal is to help guide you through everything from that long race you’ve always been working towards down to a holiday 5K. Each plan enables you to better:


We’ve made it easier to find a trustworthy plan that fits your goals, whether that’s figuring out this fitness thing or crushing your next marathon! You’ll find lots more options to choose from on all ends of the spectrum, each created by some of the best running experts around.


We’ve spruced up the training experience in the app to go beyond a list or schedule, and instead coach you through what you should be doing day in and day out. Training can feel like a long haul, so each day we’ll also show you just how far you’ve come. How’s that for motivation?


Running is just one piece of how you stay fit and work towards a big race, right? So we’re now giving you fun facts and tips—on stuff like nutrition, sleep, and stretching—on the days no runs are scheduled! Consider us your new bestie, and be sure to check in every day.

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Who’s ready to show up your coworkers or best friends with a killer 5K performance? Check out the list of plan options here.


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