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Team Runkeeper’s 2014 Fitness Goals: Where Are They Now?

It’s been about six months since we last gave you some insight into the 2014 goals of our team here at Runkeeper HQ. To keep us honest, here’s our mid-year check in!


Courtney, Office Manager

  • I am committing to going to the gym for no less than an hour at least 6 days a week, and my ultimate goal is to be able to complete a half marathon in 2014
    • Since I set my goal, I have been consistently making it to the gym at least 5 days a week. On days that I am not at the gym, I am outside riding my bike or running.
    • I have really been focusing on improving my running stamina. In March, I hit a personal record of running 3.62 miles at a little over 8 minutes per mile!


Larry, Manager of Talent and Engagement

  • Mine isn’t a resolution.  It’s a fact.  I’ll be walking 1000 miles with Runkeeper!
    • As of May 21st I have logged 500 miles walking.  For all of you math majors that’s 50% of the way towards my goal of 1000 miles in 2014.  #blessed.  Next year I’m going to do a step goal with Breeze but aim for 1250 miles walking.  Not sure how many steps that is though.


Billy,  Software Engineer

  • Ride 500 miles before the end of June (training for the MS150 ride)
    • So far I have gotten to 186 miles. Probably going to be a little bit
      late on this goal, but will definitely get 500 miles in this season.
  • Run 300 miles in 2k14. This is pretty reasonable but its my first big mileage goal.
    • Gotten 85 miles in so far this year. Goals Coach tells me I am
      perfectly on track to hit this goal! Will keep an eye on it to make
      sure I get it done before it’s too wintery outside to put up big
  • Get my 5k pace under 7 minutes per mile. This is my reach goal. I am currently at 7:39, so that’s a pretty huge improvement.
    • Been doing track workouts with the Runkeeper team and it’s really
      helping me with my speed. Have a couple of sub 7 miles on the track
      that felt comfortable. Doing a Cambridge 5k on June 1st and hoping to
      cross this off then!
  • Stop eating so many damn sweets for crying out loud.
    • Pretty terrible on this one. Literally ate 3 cookies this morning
      before leaving for work. Sweets are so good? Room for improvement.
  • Spend less time with screens and more time in nature.
    • Actually doing pretty good with this one! We’ve been doing a super
      lame “no tv on weeknights,” thing that’s resulted in a lot of book
      reading and instrument playing. Whatever, it’s working for me okay? I
      still cling to my iPhone for dear life on my commute and could work on
      that a bit still.

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Jake, Director of Business Development

  • 30 miles for 30 million users
    • Well, we crossed the 30 Million Runkeepers milestone, but I’ve been battling an tendinitis injury so wasn’t able to hit this goal just yet. A 30 mile run is still in my future, don’t worry!
  • Develop the habit of planning
    • This goal is less fitness/health related, but I usually spend a little time on Sundays planning out the week ahead. The first Sunday of the month is dedicated to planning around the month. I’m around 50% on this one. 

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Tim, VP of Business Development

  • Training for the Boston Marathon.
    • I succesfully ran the Boston Marathon!

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Jim, Community Manager

  • 52 runs over the course of the year. Averages out to one a week, but it also means if I don’t run at all for the first 26 weeks, I can just run twice a week the back 26. Gives me a little leeway. 😀
    • So I’ve only ran 15 days so far. (I’m not counting runs to and from things, otherwise I’d be much higher. Still not great.) But now that the weather is warming up, I’m really getting back into it with #TrackWorkoutTuesdays every week, #SundayRunday’s every month and hopefully #FunRunThursdays soon.  5 of my last 9 have been in the last 30 days, so I’m looking to keep that up and then some!

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Nick, Senior Data Scientist

  • I’d want to get my weight back under 200 lbs for the first time in 10 years.
  • I want to hike the Presidential Traverse in a single day.
  • I also want to get my 5K time under 21 minutes.
    • I’ve currently got a 38-day running streak going and I’m signed up for some great races this year, including the New England Tough Mudder, the Boston Athletic Association 10K, the Utica Boilermaker, the Ragnar Relay, and the Philadelphia marathon.  Hopefully a summer full of training for these will help me achieve my weight-loss goal and to keep driving down my 5K time.  The only fitness goal I’m worried about is hiking the Presidential Traverse–with all these races, it will be tough to get out on the trail!

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Elyse, UI Designer

  • More yoga in my life! In 2013 I dabbled in the basics, now I’m ready to expand my practice into something more meaningful.
    • I’m doing it! 3 times a week actually. I’ve made a ton of progress in backbends and inversions. Right now I’m working to hold Pincha Mayurasama for longer than a few seconds.
    • unnamed
  • Become a “Do-It-Yourself” queen.
    • I haven’t really done much restoring since I got my new dog, DJ. (See above.)

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Erin, Marketing Manager

  • Make cross training and strength training a regular part of my routine. That means using the row machine at least once a week and doing other core and strength work at least twice a week .
    • I mostly kept this up while training for the Sugarloaf Marathon. I rowed almost every week and did core/strength 2x per week, even if it was only for 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Run my second marathon and take 10 minutes off my time. (Or in a dream world, a Boston Qualifying time, which means I would need to take 15 minutes off.) I felt so beat up at the end of my first marathon that I realized I needed to be stronger, so I’m hoping goal #1 helps me reach goal # 2!
    • I beat this goal, taking almost 15 minutes off my time, which is technically a BQ!
  • New! Successfully register in September for the 2015 Boston Marathon (I hope I get in!!!). Keep up my good strength training habits, and do more fun speed work (hopefully with the RK team every week!). A fall half marathon might be in order too.


Josh, QA Engineer

  • Increase muscle
  • Decrease body fat: goal is lose 8%
  • Make it to the gym three days a week
  • Eat as clean as possible
    • Yeah… None of those happened. Three year olds, right? But definitely going to try and hit these going forward.

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Garon Davis, Support Manager

  • Run a half marathon this year.
    • Running a 10K in July, and signing up for a half this fall! I’ve been battling a heel issue, but looking forward to getting back out there.

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Doug Williams, VP of Engineering

  • Run Boston—including being ready for it.
    • Not easy, but great crowd support, and raised $12k for cancer research.
  • And keep running and cycling after Boston.
    • Doing 150 mile Ride to Cure MS in June.
    • Plan to do weekend 5K’s this summer.
  • New! Hoping to lighten my running stride


Chris Davies, Chief Financial Officer

  • Run a half marathon this year.
    • Started training more now that the weather has improved
    • Registered for the Heartbreak Hill 10k in June.  Not a Half Marathon but getting there.


Max Freiert, Product Manager

  • Get back down to ‘racing weight’ (drop 25lbs)
    • Weight: Down 10 (of 25)
  • Do some ‘event’ every month
    • Event every month: 4 of 5 months
  • Do some August Olympic Tri
    • August Olympic tri: On the fence…this weather made open water swimming miserable
  • Fall Marathon
    • Most likely out due to injury impacting training

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Drew Stock, Interaction Designer

  • Clean + Jerk: 225lbs
    • Clean + Jerk: 165lbs
  • Snatch: 175 lbs
    • Snatch: 125lbs
  • Front Squat: 250lbs 
    • Front Squat: 195lbs

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Sam, Project Manager

  • Deadlift: 285 pounds (my secret goal is 300, but a girl can dream)
    • Nope. Been working on improving technique on all of my lifts though! It’s been humbling to drop down to lower weights in order to improve form – but that’s been my focus!
  • Double Unders: After two years of attempts, I still haven’t figured these out. (Double jump roping!).
    • DONE!
  • Strung together unassisted pull-ups like a boss. I’ll get better if we actually put the pull up bar in the office. Culture team? Please?
    • Working on it! Plus we got a pull-up bar in the office, so now I have no excuse!
  • 5k: 26 minutes
    • Not yet. Going to Runkeeper track workouts every week to improve my speed!
  • 10k: 55 minutes
    • See above.
  • New! Unassisted handstands. (We practice a few times a week in the front room). 


Karla, Database Architect

  • My 2014 goal is to run a 10K.  I have run several 5Ks, but never a 10K.  I’m hoping to tackle that this summer!
    • I signed up for the BAA 10K on 6/22.  Looking forward to it!!


Matt Wilson, Senior User Interface Designer

  • Running a cumulative of 750 miles throughout the year
    • I am currently at 441/750 mi into my cumulative running goal for January 1st, 2015,
  • Run two marathons (official or unofficial)
    • I unofficially ran along/near/around the Boston Marathon course this year (looking to run a marathon in the fall)
  • Actually going through with buying a bike to start commuting to work!
    • I finally purchased a bike in March and I try to ride into work when the weather permits!


Rebecca, Program Manager

  • Run another marathon and finish in under 5 hours (Also, don’t run a hilly marathon and get injured mid-run!)
    • I’d say that so far I’m on track. I’m ran a half marathon last month, and I’m still planning to do a full marathon in the fall. 
  • Don’t lose focus on strength training during marathon training (easy to do as you know, but I feel like I lost strength in other areas during training)
    • I’m not where I want to be yet, but I have been doing a better job making sure to get 1-2 strength training sessions in a week during my half training.

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Jill, Customer Support Specialist

  • This year I’m working on getting back into running. I’m currently training and hoping to run a 5k in March, my first one since I broke four bones in my legs a few years back!
  • New! Going forward my goal is to maintain my current fitness levels by being as active as possible. Also I wanna start hiking, so that’s something.


Saul, QA Engineer

  • Bike 1000 miles
  • Finish my first marathon!
    • Editor’s Note: Saul just had a baby and is out of office on Paternity! We’re sure he’s crushing both of his goals.

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Jamie, Senior Software Engineer

  • My biggest goal this year is to stay injury-free, while also fitting in a spring and fall marathon.
    • Ironically, days after my initial 2014 fitness goals were published, I developed a non-running injury and have only managed to run one half marathon since January. In order to maintain my fitness level (and sanity) I bought a road bike and have been commuting 20+ miles roundtrip to RK HQ 3-4 days a week.I am hopeful that I’ll be running again soon and am still targeting a fall marathon.
  • I could potentially be convinced to do an ultra if it were compelling enough.

And new to the Runkeeper team since our last blog post:


Steve, DevOps Engineer

  • Complete the “Beginner 5K” training plan.
  • Start another training plan once I’ve completed it.
  • Run a 5K before the end of the year (NB: the last time I did this I was in high school 🙂 )


 Sully, Design-gineer

  • Complete the same weekly cycle until the end of the Ultimate season in 4 months (go Lions!):
    – 1 cross-training workout
    – 1 track workout
    – 1 yoga session
    – 1 stairs workout with November Project


Chris, Data Analyst

  • Get my BMI down to ‘normal’ level (< 25, or about 158lbs)
    • I started at the low end of Obese Class 1 in September 2013 (about 203lbs).  I started out by restricting my calories to ~1500 per day and increasing the amount / frequency of light aerobic exercise I did each day.  Over the following months I’ve got my weight down to ~168lbs.  I’ve eased up on the calorie restriction but stepped up the intensity of my exercise from walking to running 3 – 4 days per week.

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Paul, Community Support Contractor

  • My goal is going to be to run a 10k in the coming months because I’ve never actually ran an organized race outside of high school. 
Jim Redding

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