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How I Got Rich by Being Healthy

Luckily, there are several opportunities for earning some money while running, exercising, or eating healthy. In this short article I want to summarize my experiences over the last half year. For those, who are not familiar with the applications, a short description is also given,but please visit the websites for the details.

How I Got Rich by Being Healthy

$25 with Achievemint

Achievemint was my first “motivational app,” which I’ve found by browsing through the suggested partner apps on Runkeeper. Here, 25,000 points were needed to be collected in order to get a $25 check. Points can be earned by connecting various applications. Obviously, activities in Runkeeper do count, but so does a sleep with a sleep tracker or even a healthy post on social media. There is no risk of losing, and when I managed to achieve the goal, I could raise it to $50 for 50000 points. A healthy tweet is worth five points, a 10km run is something like 200, but the calculation is not 100% clear for me, but honestly, I don’t really bother about that.


$100 in 30 weeks with GymPact

The second app I found was GymPact, where I could pledge myself for how many times (on how many days, to be precise) I do some exercise next week, and if I succeed, I win some money from those who didn’t make it to the gym. And here is the other trick: if I don’t, I’ll be the one who pays, at least $5 depending on the stake I take. I never visit a gym, but luckily, activities from tracker or pedometer apps like Runkeeper or Fitbit can be counted. A 30+minute rune/bike/skate or even walk can be accepted if tracked by GPS. In 2014, the app went through a brand change, leaving the “Gym” out, and also introducing the veggie and food pacts. The latter would require MyFittnesPal, which I’m not willing to use, but veggie pacts need only the the application on the smartphone. Photos taken of veggies are judged by other users. An exercise is worth $0.3 in average, regardless of length, or burned calories. A veggie photo will earn you something like $0.1. Here is the log of the value of these rewards for the last 30 weeks, in which I managed to earn $100.


And a screenshot from the app about one of my best weeks:


Winning on challenges with FitCrown

The basic concept of FitCrown is similar to that of the Pact. People with connected Runkeeper, Strava, or MapMySthg applications can join to a challenge, which takes usually 28 days. The goals of these challenges are cumulative distances for certain activity type, varying from a 30 mile walking through 100 mile running, up to 600 mile biking. Those who can accomplish the goal get their bet back (which is usually something between $15 and $50 depending on the goal), and the bet of those, who were not that lucky/active. So far I’ve participated in three turns with multiple challenges and raised my initial balance of $80 to $106. Here is a screenshot of some of the challenges that have ended recently:


Other motivational / rewarding apps

The common feature of the aforementioned apps is that you can win or lose real money. There are, however, several other opportunities, where activities are rewarded by some kind of credits/points/stars/whatever. These can be used for different kind of vouchers, discounts, etc. or in some cases for charities. For me, most of them are not interesting, but that’s only a personal preference. Many others enjoy buying stuff cheaper, I just simply don’t need those things. On Earndit and Bounts, however, I spend my points for charities, which is a very nice feature of them. On the other sites I just pile up a huge amount of credits waiting for something interesting to appear. Here are the sites I have found so far, all of them compatible with Runkeeper:

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Máté Hegyháti

I am a PhD student in IT at the University of Pannonia from Veszprem, Hungary. Next to teaching, supervising talented students, I also manage the university orchestra, and organize group runnings for local people, mainly university students. I wouldn't say I am a runner, but I like to run, just as I like to hike, cycle or roller skate :-). If I had to choose, I'd say, I am a hiker, even though I'm running more.