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8 Tips for Preventing Injury as a Beginner Runner

Starting out on your running adventure can be a daunting experience; what trainers do I buy? How far should I go? What even is 5K?

Thankfully the Runkeeper community is here to help! We reached out to our users to hear their tips for beginner runners and the responses were great! Check out our list and you’ll be ready for that first mile in no time!

8 Tips for Preventing Injury as a Beginner Runner

1. Get Fitted for your Sneakers

Running in unsuitable footwear can lead to long­-term injury and could easily turn you off running in future!

2. Start out Slow 

Trying to do too much too soon can again lead to long­ term injury. Starting slow also gives you time to perfect your technique. – via Ally

3. Rest Days & Recovery ­

These are vital. Rest days allow you to restore glycogen stores and prevent wear and tear on your body.

4. Build up Gradually ­

Slowly adding miles to your weekly distance will make running much more enjoyable. You’ll put less strain on your body and your mind won’t be overwhelmed by new challenges! – via Chris

5. Avoid Heavy Elevation at the Start ­

Running lots of hills as a beginner can cause injuries. You will be using many other muscles than you would running on flat ground and they need to be built up over time!

6. Stretching ­

Pre­-running and post­-running stretching loosens and widens your muscles; preventing stiffness and cramps; essential for keeping you on the road longer!

7. Hydrate ­

Water is what is going to transport your much needed energy around the body while running. As well as this, it replaces the liquid you’ll lose from sweating.

8. Don’t Tie your Shoes too Tight! ­

Two fingers should fit under the tongue of your trainer. If it’s too tight; there’s a good chance you’re going to give yourself the dreaded shin splints! – Via Alexis

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What tips helped you when you were getting started? Let us know in the comments!

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