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5 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Training & Make it Fun

After months of training, running can soon become monotonous. It only takes a small few changes to your routine to really reinvigorate your training and give new direction to your running! We reached out to the Runkeeper community to find out what they did to change their routine. Here’s what they had to say!

1. Change Routes 

How to Reinvigorate Your Training and Make it Fun

Running the same route continuously can get boring and could effect your performance after a prolonged time. Change it up completely and you’ll notice a more enjoyable run!

2. Use Podcasts

The majority of runners listen to music on their runs, but have you ever thought of listening to a podcast on something of interest to you? It may not be ideal on race day for those bpms, but on a regular training day it could prove a nice change!

3. Changing up your playlist

A lot of our users found this a priority when it comes to livening up their training. Take some time to add to your playlist and let those new beats spice up your run!

4. Sign up for a New Race

This method is very useful in adding new motivation and direction to your training. Now, not only are you just logging miles; but you have a new purpose in your training.

5. New workouts

Does your training consist of just running? Throw something else in there to spice it up! Strength training, intervals, cycling, swimming; the choice is endless and the choice is yours!

With these changes, hopefully you’re training has found a new lease of life and you’re ready to go out and reach your next goal!

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Dylan Kehoe

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Dylan Kehoe

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