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The Runner’s Wardrobe

Gear. It’s a hot topic amongst us runners, particularly in terms of what brands we’re rocking, our favorite colors, and how much we’re shelling out. Thankfully the wardrobe tracking mobile app Stylitics let us play with their data to get some real answers on the subject. The infographc sheds some light on how their users are dressing when they pound the pavement.

Take a look and let us know what you think! Are your favorite brands on here? What’s the running item getting the most use in your closet? Let use know in the comments and let the debate rage on!

And if you want to track your own running wear this way, be sure to download the Stylitics app!

Stylitics Infographic

Data compiled from self reported data from users of wardrobe tracking appStylitics. Runner wardrobe percentage data based on the number of times Stylitics’ users wore a given item. Reported brands are not endorsed by, nor sponsors of Runkeeper or Stylitics.


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