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This Just In: Runkeeper for Android Wear and Google Fit!

Runkeeper Android users, it’s your lucky day! We’re thrilled to let you know that we have some great new ways for you to experience Runkeeper on Android WearTM and Google Fit. Let’s get into the nitty gritty below.

This Just In: Runkeeper for Android Wear and Google Fit!

Android Wear

With Android Wear, you’ll get useful information when you need it the most, via small, powerful devices that you can comfortably wear. Perfect use case for fitness, right? That means those key Runkeeper stats like pace and distance are conveniently displayed, while the voice commands built into the platform let you control the app just by talking to it. We know, we know, pretty magical. You can learn more about the Android Wear wearable here.

This Just In: Runkeeper for Android Wear and Google Fit!

Google Fit

We know information is key when it comes to keeping track of and taking down your fitness goals. The Google Fit platform manages the data from all those different health apps and devices you’re using, putting them in one accessible place. We’re excited to see how your Runkeeper experience interacts with all that, so we can be even smarter about how we help you set and reach your fitness goals. Google Fit is officially launching this fall, but you can learn more about it here.

We hope these new experiences make working out with Runkeeper even more motivating and awesome than it already is. Enjoy!



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