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Training for the Berlin Marathon? We’ve got your 20-mile Routes!

Training for the Berlin Marathon this fall? You’re probably in the middle of your training and have that 20 mile run coming up soon!  We want finding the perfect route for it to be one less thing you have to worry about, so we’ve rounded up some great long runs from all around Berlin, created by our very own users. Better yet, once you’ve added any of these routes to your Runkeeper account, you can easily select one at the beginning of a run and follow it in real time! Read this post to learn how to include a route in a Runkeeper activity. We hope you enjoy! 

Scenic Berlin

Training for the Berlin Marathon? Webr

This route takes you from Gleisdreieck up to Tiergarten Park where you’ll take in a lot of the greenery! From there, you’ll be following the Spree past the Neues Museum. Coming on the Spree, you’ll follow the Landwehr Canal turning off at Zossener Straße and following that road through Schillerkiez, looping around vogelschutzgebiet back to your starting point. Add it to your routes here

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Friedrichshain 20 Miler

This route takes you through the districts of Friedrichshain, Fennpuhfl, Lichtenberg, Friedrichstelde, and back up along the western side of the Spree. This route has some light elevations and doesn’t use the marathon route at many points so you’ll have plenty of new sights! Add it to your routes here!

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Olympiastadion, Spree and Tiergarten Loop

Starting at Jagowstraße, you’ll follow the Spree around the University to Charlottenburg Palace. From there, you’re heading to Lietzensee Park and across to Paulinen Hospital. From the hospital you’ll take in the Olympiostadion and rejoin the Spree. Head back around the Chattenburg Palace and make your way all the way to Tiergarten! Nealy there, just loop around the Tiergarten and return along the Spree to your starting point. Add it to your routes here!

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Grunewald – Charlottenburg Loop

This relatively circular loop takes you from inner city Berlin to the depths of the Grunewald Forest. From Charlottenburg, you’re looping down through the Grunewald Forest for 6 miles until you turn in for Zehlendorf. From here, make your way across to Teltow Canal. You’ll eventually come off the canal in to Tempelhof, up to Viktoriapark and back to Charlottenburg! Add it to you routes here!

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Arnimkiez to Westend Loop

From Arnimkiez you’re looping down through Sprengelkiez and over the BerlinSpandauer Schifffahrts Canal and across to Charlottenburg. From Charlottenburg make your way to the Olympiostadion and on to the Kaiserdamm. Make your way up through Hanzaviertel and over to Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark. Nearly there! Run back up to Arnimkiez and you’re done. Add it to your routes here

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