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Kick Your Routine Up A Notch With These 6 Walking Modifications

With a few simple changes, your walking routine can become much more efficient for burning calories and providing a solid workout . We reached out to the Runkeeper community to see how they varied their walking workouts to make things a bit more intense. Check out their suggestions!

Kick Your Routine Up A Notch With These 6 Walking Modifications

1. Hill Work 

Spice up your walking exercise by taking to the hills! This will provide a nice change of scenery and will also be a tougher workout, burning more of those dreaded calories! Plus they’re a great way to tone up those legs.

2. Walk to Work

Try walking to work at least once a week. This offers a change from your regular commute and gets in some exercise you wouldn’t have otherwise! It’s also a chance to get your brain active for a productive day at the office!

3. Add Weights

Add weights to your workout by holding them or adding them to your belt. These will make it slightly tougher to walk but that’s a good thing! You’ll be burning calories and getting an all-body workout.

4. Interval Workout

Just the same as regular running intervals—vary your speed from 90% walking pace to resting rate. Using intervals, you’l get the most out of your workout!

5. Long Distance Walk

Once a week, push your limits and walk a longer distance than usual. Whether it’s to the next town or a few extra laps of the park, this will make your body accustomed to walking longer distances and your regular walks will feel like a breeze!

6. Walk Your Dog!

Bring your pooch on the walk to spice things up! They might even give you a workout!

What did we miss? Tell us in the comments how you up the intensity during your walks!

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