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17 Weird and Wacky Ways We Hit Our Daily Step Goals

We’re all about hitting our step/Breeze goals here at Runkeeper, no matter what it takes! We asked our employees and community to share their most interesting methods for getting all the steps in. The results were pretty hilarious, even if we do say so ourselves. Check ’em out!

17 Weird and Wacky Ways We Hit Our Daily Step Goals

1. “I pace around my apartment at 11:50pm.”@pconno3


2. “I volunteer to move my roommates’ cars for street cleaning.”@mariah3421


3. “I went camping and made Liz walk around a campsite with me at 11:30 so that I could get my steps in!”@pconno3


4. “I’ll take the train to a couple stops before I get to my regular stop and walk.”@frizzfrizzfrizz


5. “Wandering from bar to bar on the weekends has helped me crush my step goals a few times!”@jimredding


6. “I hit my Breeze steps goal before 1 am once (due to Bonnaroo).”@mariah3421


7. “I use a smaller cup for water so I have to get up and walk to the water cooler more often.”@larrymcsheffrey


8. “I have skipped the train altogether to get steps.”@tomboates


9. “I turned all of my 1:1 meetings into walking meetings.”@tomboates

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10. “I walk to the grocery store. Gets in 2 miles of walking and since I can’t carry a ton of stuff I wind up making multiple trips per week.” – @Chris_Drouin


11. “If walking is too far, I’ll just cycle. It’s still better than taking the train.”@jimredding


12. “I walk to get coffee every day, even though I don’t drink coffee.”@moliver816


13. “I walk to further T stops to get more steps in.”@johnfertitta


14. “Get used to taking walks late at night.”@tomboates


15. I hide my car keys forcing me to walk more! – @CourtCDavis


16. “walked to the park with the kids, then took two steps forward and two steps back while I pushed my youngest on the swing. It looked like I was doing the cha cha but got an extra tenth of mile that way! It only looked strange to others because there was no cha cha music playing!” – Lucy

line dancng

17. “It was 102F. Went to the mall without a wallet and “window shopped.” I went into every store and walked all the way to the back of the store and out. I did so on both floors. Less expensive than the movies to enjoy the air conditioning!” – Meastra


We want to hear: how do you make sure you’re moving enough each day? Tell us in the comments!

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