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The Runkeeper Good Reads Roundup: Vol. 21

How. HOW IS IT SEPTEMBER?? Where did the time go? Feels like just last week the trees were finally getting green and the flowers were beginning to bloom. Cherish the weather while you can!

Marathon training in Amsterdam?

Nine Surprising Ways Running Helps Your Body

Raise Your Athletic IQ


Ben’s Book Report: The Big Book of Cycling For Beginners

Tip: Keep a Log

What’s In Your Fridge: Runkeeper CEO Jason Jacobs & Their Healthy Headquarters

summer beach

Should Your Workout Crush You?

5 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Training & Make it Fun!

Boston hoping to draw Top Runners to City

21 Gadgets That Every Runner Could Use

How Much Does Running Rule Your Life?

Eight Reasons to Sip on Coffee


Why Walking Helps Us Think

You’re Running Wrong

The Best Foods For Runners

What Time of Day Do People Run?

Upper Body Exercises That Improve Running Form

Meet The Man Who Falls Asleep Running

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Jim Redding

Jim Redding is runner, nerd, and Runkeeper app expert! He can be found running through Boston's North End...sometimes.