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The Runkeeper Good Reads Roundup: Vol. 24

Is it really already mid-September? Crazy! Cherish these nice weekends while you can folks. In the meantime, we’ll keep cultivating your can’t miss articles from the past week, and celebrating the best part about fall. Falling.

Fall Foliage Photography

#RenewMe: My Journey To A Better Life with Runkeeper

#RunMyCity: Readers Show Off Their City

Super-Distance Dogs

Tip: Vary Your Training

Half Marathon Checklist

  flip fall

Kellie: Finding My Running Feet

Sitting is the New Smoking – Even for Runners

Race the Tube – Sprint [Video]

How Do Morning Workouts Affect Sleep

Training for the Amsterdam Marathon? We’ve Got Your 20-Mile Routes!

bunny fall

Seeing the Light

Making Running a Habit

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

38 Amazing Running Race Tattoos

Quick Bites: Ultimate Post-Run Recovery Smoothie

cute cat fall

These Are The Coolest Running Outfits You’ve Ever Seen

Hate Vegetables? Just Hide ‘Em

Lunch-Hour Fit

Runners, Imagined By Kids [Video]

Alan Culpepper’s Top-5 Beginner 5K Training Tips

Cat jump fall sail


The Runkeeper Crew

(Feature Picture Courtesy of Forest Wander)

Jim Redding

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