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Dylan: Running Marathons Won’t to Take Over Your Life—They’ll Enhance it!

Meet Dylan. Dylan is a third year Communications student in Dublin. As well as his studies, Dylan is a campus rep for some major companies, organises some of Ireland’s biggest student events and like any other student; Dylan loves his nights out! Dubbed as Dublin’s busiest student; how could he ever have time to train for and run marathons? 

Marathons Will Enhance Your Life

Well it’s very possible folks! When I signed up to the Dublin Marathon, I was spending my summer in Boston working with Runkeeper. Boston just so turns out to be one of the most health-conscious cities I’ve ever been to and it had a major effect on my decision to run a marathon!


When I returned to the Emerald Isle in September I was two months out from my marathon and was in the peak of my training following Runkeeper’s marathon plan. Just before I got right back in to my college routine I had a sudden panic: ‘Where am I going to find time to fit in 10-20KM midweek runs and then 2-3 hour long runs during the weekend?

I wasn’t going to back out now, so I stuck to my training and daily routine and I had a welcome surprise for myself! Not only was I fitting in everything I was doing with my life, running included, I was doing these things with incredible productivity! By getting away and escaping from the stresses of your everyday life on a run, you subliminally clear your mind, allowing you to put everything in order, and in return, get some awesome stuff done being the most productive you’ve ever been!


Where am I now? Well, I completed my first marathon in Dublin at a time of 3:39 and in the following days I had so many students get in touch about running marathons—what a great sign! I didn’t want to let my level of productivity and fitness drop now that I completed my goal, so the obvious thing to do was sign up for another marathon! On the first week of December I’ll be jetting over to Malaga to take part in my second marathon. Coming from an Irish perspective, a weekend in Spain during December is awesome!


Where do you go from here? If you want to sign up and complete a marathon but are worried about time commitments, just sign up anyway. You’ll get some amazing productivity in your life, you’ll be the fittest you’ve ever been, and when you get the bug for running marathons, you’ll have a brilliant excuse to travel to some new cities!

Dylan Kehoe

About the author:
Dylan Kehoe

Irish student and Runkeeper Ambassador who can be sometimes seen in lectures when not running marathons!