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Runkeeper without your Phone? Announcing Runkeeper 5.1 for Android!

You read that title correctly ladies and gentlemen! Today we’re rolling out Runkeeper 5.1 on Android, and it’s chock full of goodies.


Sony SmartWatch 3 support: While Android Wear support has been around for a while, the brand new Sony SmartWatch 3 comes with it’s own built in GPS. This means that you can start Runkeeper on your watch and leave your phone behind! You’ll still be able to see your time and distance on the SmartWatch and when you get home, stopping and saving the trip will store it until you connect your phone and watch again. It’s that easy!


SMS Audio BioSport Headphones support: Also included in this latest release is support for the new SMS Audio BioSport headphones. These innovative headphones bring heart rate monitoring into the future. Forget adding a separate chest strap or arm band! Just plug in your headphones, flip a switch and you’re good to go. Bonus, they work on iPhone too!

We’re super excited to bring you these new features and more, as we continue to work on building the best running experience for you that we can! What’re you waiting for? Download 5.1 and get out there!


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