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How Understanding Your Running History Can Help You Improve: Part 2

Last week, we talked about how you can improve your running by knowing where you’ve been and comparing your latest trip to other similar ones using the Compare Workouts feature. Sure that’s one piece of the puzzle, but you’d probably like a slightly more macro view of your running history, right?

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Once again, you’re in luck! With Runkeeper Go, you have access to Lifetime Insights, where we break down all your activities over your Runkeeper career. You can easily dig into things like your average pace, and mileage per month and see the different distances you’re running most frequently.

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Looking at your chart, you’ll see your entire activity breakdown, but for more info you can change the date range and the activity type so that you can really dig deep to see the trends in your workouts.

Maybe you’ll find that even though your latest run wasn’t your fastest, in the past six months you’ve shaved a minute off your average pace. Or that you tend to walk more and walk faster in the winter, and that your biking drops off a bit in those months. Having such a clear picture of your fitness history will make it that much easier to set a challenging but realistic goal for yourself!

We love providing you with the tools you need to help improve your fitness, so be sure to check out your Lifetime Insights!



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