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Never Miss Your Cheering Section Again! Plus 4 Other Ways to Use Live Tracking

It’s race day. You’re running the best race of your life, and when you turn the next big corner your cheering squad is nowhere to be found. Why? Because they thought they had another five minutes and decided to swing by the taco truck.

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Don’t let this happen to you! With Runkeeper Go, you have access to live tracking, which can let your friends and family know where you are whenever you’re working out. Just flip a simple switch from the start screen, and you’re good to go!

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Live tracking has lots of great uses beyond just race day, like when:

  • You’re literally running late, and you want you friends to know your ETA without you telling them
  • You and your buddy are in a workout competition, and he thinks you’re cheating
  • You’re running late at night, and you want that special someone to know you’re safe
  • If you’re running in a new location, and you want people to see how worldly you are

We’re sure there are many more! What will you use live tracking for?



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