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We’ve Got the Music+Fitness Experience You’ve Been Begging Us For

“Runkeeper, when will you get Spotify integration?” This has been hands-down one of our most frequently asked questions over the years. It’s no shock. You’ve told us that music is one of the top things that keeps you motivated on a run, and Spotify’s trove of on-demand music and artfully crafted playlists make it a leader in the streaming music space.

We've Got the Music+Fitness Experience You've Been Begging Us For

Well, it all starts today. We are THRILLED to announce an updated Runkeeper iOS app with—you guessed it—Spotify integration! Now, Spotify premium users can fire up Spotify music right from the Runkeeper start screen. All your favorite playlists are just a click away, plus Spotify will be serving up its top workout playlists so you can listen to full songs, all without having to leave Runkeeper.

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Bottom line, we’re making it easier for you to get the music that pumps you up for your run—whether it’s One Direction (there’s no shame in that) or Eminem (or that).

This is just the beginning, and we’ll continue working on ways in which Runkeeper data can power a more intelligent, personalized music experience.

That’s the future, friends. And it starts here. We’re going to need you to connect with Spotify now and pound the pavement, so our apps can start getting smarter! Ready to get going? Update your Runkeeper app, download Spotify, and connect the two (more info on that here).

Do tell, what could Runkeeper and Spotify do together to make your run that much more magical? Our teams are all ears, so let us know in the comments!



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