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Barefoot Ted Visits the Runkeeper HQ

Ever hear of a little book called Born to Run? You know, the one that got people really pumped about about running barefoot, or in almost-barefoot shoes like the Vibrams? Well, we were lucky enough to get to meet one of the book’s standout (real-life) characters, “Barefoot” Ted McDonald, earlier this month!

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, a few members of the Runkeeper team picked up on the fact that Barefoot Ted was in town, invited him over to the Runkeeper headquarters, and made all of our days in the process. Barefoot Ted arrived with a bag full of his Luna Sandals, a very cool transportation gadget (more on that below), and lots of enthusiasm.

Barefoot Ted brings passion to everything he does, so it was great to hear him talk about putting the joy back in running (a constant mission of ours!). He took it step further by showing us his new favorite way of moving–the Solowheel. Ted claims that the wheel requires the same form you’d use when running, and makes zipping around a city a joy. Take a look at the pic below.


We also may have gotten a signature on our Born to Run copy, and a live reading of his favorite excerpt–“Barefoot Ted was right, of course.” And we had the pleasure of his company at our annual Runkeeper holiday party.

Exciting things over at the Runkeeper HQ!




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