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Introducing Runkeeper for Android L

Runkeeper is pumped to announce a material design update to version 5.3.3 of our Android app. This update hits the Google Play Store on March 23rd and brings an awesome new feel to Runkeeper. From beautiful transitions across tabs to completely updated screens, you’re guaranteed to love it! Below we will highlight some of the changes, but trust us when we say there are many, many more!


One of the most noticeable differences in Runkeeper v5.3.3 is the new activity list. We’ve updated this screen to incorporate the new Google card look. This means that each of your activities is presented on a unique card that will display not only all of your run statistics, but also your activity map! Talk about information right at your finger tips! 


We’ve made further changes to our Start, Me, and Friends tabs as well. These screens all received makeovers that give them a super clean aesthetic. You will notice buttery smooth transitions and ripply animations as you click around the app, making navigating things a breeze. You’ll need to update to v5.3.3 to see these transitions for yourself, so be sure to grab the update from the Google Play Store!


All in all our newest release is the most polished version of Runkeeper yet. Along with the silky smooth transitions and updated screens, you will notice snappier response times and increased performance all around! While the new look is great, we promise the new feel is equally as awesome!


About the author:
Paul Pender