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Fresh Foam Zante Challenge Winners!

The Fresh Foam Zante Challenge is officially in the books, and boy was it fun! We’ve randomly selected 50 users who completed the challenge and set them up with a FREE pair of Fresh Foam Zantes!

Fresh Foam Zante Challenge

The randomly selected winners are listed below:

Robyn F.

Fran P.

Courtney H.


Jessica S.

Colleen W.

Arjun P.

Sean A.

Jennifer B.

Carina C.

Josh E.


Jorge L.

Isabel M.

Audrey W.

Corey W.

Ned W.

Ian B.

Holly C.

Crystal J.

Michael P.


Michael U.

Lauren H.

Dev A.

Chris G.

Jessica M.

Lloyd B.

Mike M.

Dirge H.

Joshua P.

Rebecca C.

Mauvet R.

Delonna F.

Al M.

Selena C.

Jeff S.

Justin D.

Margaret B.

Alberto L.

Orlando J.

Daniel S.

Amy O.

Rahul K.

Shanda T.

Darren B.

Shawn H.

Tobias R.

Vanessa P.

Rebecca K.

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