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Pick up that remote! Netflix Marathon Training with Runkeeper

At Runkeeper, we aim to make training fun, easy and welcome to all. And, although we offer training plans that range from helping you lose weight to making your 10K PR, we know that we can always do more.


Enter: Netflix Marathon Training from Runkeeper.

With our new 8 week training program, you’ll go from watching an hour of your favorite show to being able to watch a full 26.2 hours of practically any tv series.

Want a sneak peak? Check out what your day-to-day plan might look like below:




Beta users have been ecstatic about our new binge-tv training plan. “I just kept hitting a wall after finishing the second season of my favorite show,” explains Walter Black. “Now, with Netflix marathon training from Runkeeper, I know how to pace myself and feel prepared to take on any show from any device at any time.”

Syncing up your Runkeeper and Netflix accounts is as easy as a popping popcorn. Once connected, you’ll be able to bring your watching habits into our HealthGraph and share ALL of your watching activity with friends. Have a smart watch? Count the hours you maintain your relaxed position with our new lounge mode tracker.

To celebrate our newest training plan, we’re offering a special challenge for those brave TV-watching pros. Complete our 26.2 hour viewing Netflix Marathon Challenge on April 1st and win a free Runkeeper Snuggie!


Harvey Simmons

About the author:
Harvey Simmons

Harvey Simmons is a Digital Marketing Manager at Runkeeper. Previously, Harvey led up marketing efforts at EverTrue and learned the ropes of inbound while at HubSpot. When he's not running around the Charles, you can find Harvey @hosimmons4.