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Run On: Meet Runkeeper’s Newest Team Members

Spring has arrived and our team is growing! As always, we like to be “one” with our community, so we asked our three newest team members to reflect on their love of running and “why” Runkeeper. Here’s what they had to share.

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Meet Jason, UX Team:


Why Run?

I started running in 2008. Soon after that, I adopted Runkeeper and never looked back. Running has changed my life. I’ve now run more than 3000 miles using Runkeeper (including 3 separate marathons in 3 states) and lost about 100lbs. To me, running symbolizes what heights we as human beings can aspire and soar to and I’m proud to be a part of something helping users achieve their greatest potential.

Why Runkeeper?

My love of running and helping others with their running goals wasn’t apparent enough, I’m also the kind of person who loves tackling difficult User Experience (UX) problems. Given my experience at Mullen and Isobar, working with Runkeeper on their brand partnership team was the perfect fit. Discovering and strategizing the best ways for our users to engage with brands in an impactful way is something I find fun and rewarding. Fitness products will never truly be “done” or “solved” to completion, as user and client goals shift over time. Understanding why and how people do what they do is a lot of fun.

What am I doing when I’m not trying to solve these problems? You can probably find me running along the Charles River, tweeting on the interwebs, playing with my corgi (Starbuck) or playing Magic: The Gathering.

Meet Harvey, Marketing Team:


Why Run?

Below is a Sony D-SJ301 Walkman Portable Compact Disc Player, featuring an AM/FM tuner. It was once known to pound out Jock Jams, Nelly and, yes, even Nickelback.


Beyond a solid fashion statement, this artifact was the fuel behind my earliest runs…the intersection of tech and fitness is an amazing thing. Not a trained runner, I originally took to running in high school for basketball conditioning and, as many do, for my sanity.

I believe running is an expression of self. It doesn’t matter how fast you run, or what you look like while you’re doing it, but it does matter why you do it. Whether you’re running your first half marathon for charity, or are just looking for a place to “get away from it all,” hitting the pavement can be transformational.

Why Runkeeper?

From HubSpot, EverTrue and Wellist, and from Raise the Rim, MITX and Soaring Startup Circle, for the past five years I’ve been blessed to be a part of Boston’s growing startup ecosystem. Runkeeper’s leadership as consumer fitness company in Boston has always inspired me. The team’s vision to share the magic of running, and to utilize it as a journey for personal fulfilment, is something that resonates with me deeply. With over 180 activities tracked, I’ve really seen how Runkeeper can serve as a helpful tool while training for a marathon or as a constant motivator to improve.

I’m psyched to be joining the marketing team at Runkeeper. I’ll be cranking on all things digital, spreading the word of our Runkeeper Go offering and partnering with like minded brands for co-promotion. Hope to catch you on the Twittersphere @hosimmons4!

Meet Eliza, Community Team


Why Run?

For the first 19 years of my life I hated running. As if being bored by running wasn’t enough, things hurt while I ran and things hurt after I ran. Everyone I knew seemed to be faster than I was and I just didn’t see the point. I ran with my soccer team because I had to, but everyone knew how much I despised running.

Today, I love running and I would go so far as to say I am addicted. When I don’t run for a few days I get grouchy and my friends tell me I need to go running. I run in hot weather, rain storms, snow storms, by myself, with friends, and with a running club. I am happy while I run, happy after I run, and happy talking about running. I attribute how happy I am as a person to the fact that I run.

When I first told my brother that I had become a runner he started joking that I had been abducted by aliens and replaced with a clone with a running glitch. In reality I gained the freshman 15 in college and forced myself to run it off in the following months. Somewhere along the way running got easier: I realized it can be social, and running became an integral part of my lifestyle. I consider myself living proof that anyone can learn to love to run. Really. If it happened to me it could happen to anyone.

Why Runkeeper?

I am incredibly excited to be working for a company that helps other people become better and happier runners. Many of the challenges of becoming a runner revolve around not knowing how to get started or where to run. Runkeeper helps new runners out with a lot of those early challenges to make the transition from non-runner to runner easier. As someone who now believes in running above all else I am thrilled to be part of the Runkeeper team.

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Harvey Simmons

About the author:
Harvey Simmons

Harvey Simmons is a Digital Marketing Manager at Runkeeper. Previously, Harvey led up marketing efforts at EverTrue and learned the ropes of inbound while at HubSpot. When he's not running around the Charles, you can find Harvey @hosimmons4.