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We love you Breeze, thanks for everything!

We are sad to say that as of today we will be discontinuing development on Breeze, the sister app to Runkeeper. This was a tough decision for our team — we love the product and believed strongly in it’s direction to help people of all abilities make more time for fitness in their day in a fun and encouraging way.

But we know, to be truly great we need to keep our focus on our one true love, running.

Let me provide a brief explanation as to why.


When we started Runkeeper, we did so with a passion for helping casual fitness enthusiasts get out and run more. We were in our element and firing on all cylinders, but we started straying towards broader consumer health and away from running.

The concept of Breeze is truly in line with our vision as fitness technologists — it makes total sense – an app that runs invisibly in the background and provides gentle nudges at the right times to get you to move more throughout the day.

But we are runners and we want to build the best running app on the planet. In order to keep doing this, we need to double down on our efforts for Runkeeper, make the product the best in class, and help serve people through more of their journey with the sport.

We have learned a ton from our journey with Breeze. The development of the app and the feedback from our users has given us tremendous learnings and insights that we are pouring back into Runkeeper.

If you have Breeze on your phone already, you can continue to use it for the time being. You will not notice any changes but there will be no further updates or adjustments to the app or experience. As of May 15,2015, Breeze will be pulled down from the App Store.

Thank you for coming with us on this journey and enjoying the product as much as we did.

Fellow Runkeeper lovers, stay tuned for lots of great improvements ahead! We are committed to continuing to up our game and ensuring the pace and quality of innovation be higher than it has ever been before.


Jason Jacobs, Runkeeper Founder/CEO

Jason Jacobs

About the author:
Jason Jacobs

Jason Jacobs is the CEO and Founder of Runkeeper. He can be found running the streets and trails of Boston, biking to/from the office, and increasingly chasing his toddler son around the house.