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Running – Make it an adventure!

Like many others, when I took up running I had one goal: lose weight. Beyond that, I would have been happy to build up some fitness but the idea of 5K, 10K and Marathons meant nothing to me. What even was a ‘K’? Over 3,000 of those K’s later and running has taken on a whole new meaning to me. It’s without a doubt the best way to travel, explore and see the world around us.

While working in Boston last Summer, I was simultaneously training for October’s Dublin City Marathon. On my weekly long run, I began to branch out and take in new sights I hadn’t been to before. From Northeastern University to Southie ­ running allowed me to see the city from a perspective you simply don’t get on a tour bus! From there, I set myself the goal of running the world! Taking in new cities and landscapes by running marathons, half marathons and 10Ks wherever I could! There’s no criteria for where I choose to go. I just go online, find a cheap flight to somewhere I’ve never been, pack my bag and go!

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In the last 6 months I’ve taken in some amazing sights including Rome, Malaga, Dubrovnik, New York and I’ve even got to explore awesome parts of my home country; Ireland! All thanks to lacing up my running shoes and ditching the tour guides!


Here I am now, documenting the new places I’ve seen over the last few months and planning forward to where I’ll run throughout 2015! Running has grown from a weight loss method to one continuous adventure that everyone should join! Yes, running is great for fitness, relaxation and time to yourself, but it’s also a fantastic way to expand your view of the world and take in new cultures. My best piece of advice is to go on SkyScanner right away, select a weekend and see what options come up!

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Dylan Kehoe

About the author:
Dylan Kehoe

Irish student and Runkeeper Ambassador who can be sometimes seen in lectures when not running marathons!