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Everyone. Every Run. Welcome to the refreshed Runkeeper brand!

As far back as we can remember, fitness brands have been built in very similar ways. They showcase elite athleticism, performance, competition and testosterone, and they try to be aspirational for everyone else that doesn’t fit this unobtainable standard.

We’ve looked closely at the audience who uses Runkeeper and gets the most value from it, and were reminded they are cut from a very different cloth. Runkeeper users don’t want to compete head-to-head, they want encouragement, guidance and motivation. Runkeeper users don’t connect with messages that are intimidating and over-the-top, they connect with those that are down-to-earth, approachable and supportive. None of us really like to take ourselves that seriously when it comes to running. The more we looked around at all of you and within ourselves, the more we realized that there was no fitness brand out there that was speaking to the running community like this, including Runkeeper.

Everyone. Every run. Welcome to the refreshed Runkeeper  brand!

In the process of being heads down building the best software products to enhance your running experience, we admittedly were not as thoughtful about the brand look and feel as we would have liked. And while we are proud of the connection we have built with our users, we knew we needed to step it up and develop an identity that better represents our community and our approach to running. So, we are pleased to roll out a refreshed branding to all of you today!

The New Runkeeper Logo


The shoelace R represents the endless places you’ve been, all the ways you’ve grown as a runner, and the many new routes and roads ahead. And our new “Everyone. Every Run.” tagline? That reinforces our commitment to helping people of all levels fall in love with running and stick with it for the rest of their lives. We’ve also updated the name of our subscription offering from RunKeeper Elite to Runkeeper Go to better reflect the inclusive and motivational message we want to promote.

Everyone. Every run. The new Runkeeper tagline

This is the beginning of lots of new features and experiences for Runkeeper, starting with a new logo and tagline, which you’ll see rolled out across the Runkeeper experience (like the new homepage!). The app icon you see on your phone and the store will stay the same for now, but we’ve certainly got more up our sleeve on that front. Really, this is the beginning of a new chapter for Runkeeper—and for you, where everything we do will be an extension of the brand, and the brand will be an extension of everything we do. As always, thanks for being part of the journey and for constantly inspiring us to be better.

To the miles and kilometers ahead!

Jason Jacobs

About the author:
Jason Jacobs

Jason Jacobs is the CEO and Founder of Runkeeper. He can be found running the streets and trails of Boston, biking to/from the office, and increasingly chasing his toddler son around the house.