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Dogs of the Global 5K

On December 7, 2015, over 100,00 runners and walkers around the world logged a 5K together to celebrate the global running community. One statistic we aren’t able to provide is just how many furry four legged friends participated in the Global 5K so we thought we’d do the next best thing. Ladies and gentlemen of the Runkeeper community, for your viewing pleasure, we give you — “Dogs of the Global 5K!”

dogs of global 5k

#Global5K day complete! #running #runkeeper #boxersrule

A photo posted by Jennifer Hudson Mosher (@jenhudsonmosher) on

With my #running pal Simba for #runkeeper ‘s #global5k from #bariloche #patagonia #Argentina :-))) A photo posted by Axel Curth (@axelcurth) on

#global5k partner

A photo posted by @sandracho on

Finished @runkeeper #global5k with this guy. 27:05. Not bad for his first 5K. #greatpyrenees #runningdog A photo posted by Christopher Fly (@christopherafly) on

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of 200,000 runners around the world doing the #global5k today! ?? #runkeeper

A photo posted by Erin Larsen (Winter) (@mrserinlarsen) on

Heading out to run 5k with Ollie #global5k A photo posted by Margaret Larobardiere (@maggie4joy) on


Congratulations to all of the furry running partners who completed the Global 5K!


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