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Celebrate Global Running Day by Sharing Your Running Struggles

We know, it seems a bit counterintuitive.

Usually you celebrate something by sharing only your success or all that’s good about it.  Isn’t that the very problem with social media though? People tend to only show the airbrushed version of the story, the highest of highs, leaving others to think that they are alone in their struggles.

We wanted to bust that open this Global Running Day.

Why? First of all, by only sharing the good, people who don’t run get the wrong impression about the sport (that’s what our Running Myths campaign last year was all about).  We also know something doesn’t have to be all rainbows and butterflies to be considered great. In fact, the reason running can be so rewarding is that you have to overcome a lot in the process. And maybe that battle is ongoing.

So head on over to to share a bit of your story. You can fill in the blank with your running struggle, save out the image, and then share with the world.  Use the #GlobalRunningDay hashtag in addition to the #Runkeeper hashtag so we can see your stories. We also suggest using the caption to tell us a bit more about that struggle and how you’re working through it.

Here are a few to get you started.



rk_global_running_day (1)

rk_global_running_day (3)

No struggle is too big or too small to share and it’s OK to not take yourselves too seriously here! Chafing is a huge struggle for many of us, and let’s be honest, chafing is pretty hilarious.

We can’t wait to hear your struggles (in the best way possible). We’ll be re-sharing our favorites throughout the day, so follow along on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Happy Global Running Day!


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