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Running the Numbers: Should You Work Out on New Year’s Day?

Whether you’re a lifelong fitness enthusiast or you’ve only recently started on the path to a healthier lifestyle, you may find yourself facing a common dilemma this New Year’s Day. On one hand, it would be great to set the tone for 2014 by starting it with a nice little workout. After all, as we mentioned in our recent post 5 Ways to Set a Running Resolution that Sticks, Runkeeper users who worked out in January last year were three times as active during the rest of 2013 as those who took the first month of the year off. On the other hand, though, maybe you enjoyed a little too much holiday food and drink on New Year’s Eve, and now in the cold morning light, January 2nd suddenly seems like a much better day to start worrying about fitness.


Well, if you decide to take it easy on the first day of 2014, chances are you won’t be the only one. On New Year’s Day last year, Runkeeper users went on about 30% fewer runs than the average weekend day in January 2013. However, if it’s a late start to the day that’s got you discouraged, fret not. Fewer than 20% of people started their runs before 10:00 AM, and in general users ran about an hour later in the day than would be expected on a typical day off from work.

So, don’t let the lure of a cozy bed or a comfortable couch keep you from starting the next year on your own terms. Even a mile or two will help you feel like you’re starting 2014 with your best foot forward [tweet this]. And even if your loftier goals don’t win out and you end up spending New Year’s Day in your pajamas, don’t worry—you’ve got 364 more chances to make 2014 your year for fitness.

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Nick Arcolano

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Nick Arcolano

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