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#MusicMonday, Vol. 7: Top 40 Cardio Party

As August winds to a close, it’s time to start declaring songs of the summer. Whether you’ve been jamming to Justin Timberlake, Calvin Harris, or Drake all summer sixteen, this final August playlist includes some of the season’s biggest hits to help relive the dog days well into your winter runs. Follow Runkeeper on Spotify, and stay tuned to hear from Jess Moran, one of our software engineers, about how this playlist brings the party to any cardio session.

Vol. 7: Top 40 Cardio Party

What kind of runner is this playlist best for?

This playlist is great for anyone who, like me, just likes to keep the music light and easy while they run. I’m not one who jumps off my couch at the thought of a long run—cardio is more of a necessary evil for me. Even back in my high school days when I was more active for sports, running was something I had to do, but didn’t always enjoy doing. Now that I don’t have coaches forcing me to keep my running up, I have to find new motivation to get out the door. A good playlist to keep me going has made a world of difference. If I’m not feeling the music, my runs are much shorter and the pace is slower. Finding a combination that works to keep you moving until the end of your workout is key.

MusicMonday; Top 40 Cardio Party

Why do Top 40 songs make for the perfect running playlist?

These are all songs that keep me moving and in a good mood without dreading every step I take until I get back to my apartment. I like to listen to pop and Top 40 music while I’m running because it’s pretty mindless. Anything that gets me out of my head so I’m not focusing on my legs being sore or how many miles I have left gets the job done. I think songs that make you think too much or have too many emotions aren’t always great for running, so these have a steady upbeat vibe. It really just consists of fun songs that keep my feet moving.

Your playlist is just over an hour—is there anything strategic about length? Should we hit shuffle, or just press play?

I have a hard time sticking to mileage or a specific pace when I start out on a run, but I figure if I can get out there and move for a solid sixty minutes then that’s a good workout for the day. And I’m normally a shuffle my playlist kind of person, but I did have a specific order in mind while choosing these songs. They gradually build up, peak, and then drop off a little for the cool down. I don’t necessarily think BPM is the most important consideration for a workout playlist, but I did keep it in my mind while creating this one. I’m a slow starter so it’s nice to have my music build with me and get me moving gradually. I didn’t want it to drop off too much because we all know that the back half of a run can definitely be the more challenging half.

What are some standout songs on the playlist?

  • “Closer” – the Chainsmokers

I put this one on pretty early because I’m hoping that after my first “warm up” song I’ll be really ready to start running by now. This is a favorite among my friends lately and it puts a smile on my face while still making me feel ready to move.

  • “No Money” – Galantis

I saw Galantis when they toured in Boston a few months ago, and they lived up to all of my expectations. I had a hard time narrowing it down to just one of their songs for this playlist, but this upbeat track has recently been rising to the top of the charts.

  • “One Dance” – Drake

I wanted to end a good workout with a great song by Drake. This isn’t necessarily a song that pumps me up for a sprint, but it’s a nice song to cool down to as a reward for a solid workout!

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Will we see you in September? Check back next week for another #MusicMonday!

Amanda Harkavy

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Amanda Harkavy

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