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#MusicMonday, Vol. 9: Let’s Dance/Run

When you’re dreading that run, thinking of it as a dance party instead can be a great way to keep the motivation up. Of course, every dance party needs the perfect soundtrack, and that’s where this playlist comes in. Put together by our VP Marketing Sandrine (also the voice of Mademoiselle, if you’ve had the chance to check out our new audio cue voices), and is an eclectic one!

Vol 9: Let’s Dance/Run

I don’t like running but I love the feeling I have after the run. One thing I love is dancing so my playlists are usually dancing playlists that I use for running. They are high energy and fun to listen to. I like most types of music, beside country music, so you can find some classic pop hits to hip hop to Reggaetón and some of my current obsessions (French singer Jain and Julien Dore). This playlist is great for a 5K distance, even allowing for some shuffling.

Runkeepeer #MusicMonday Vol 9: Let's Dance/Ru

Erin Glabets

About the author:
Erin Glabets

Erin runs brand and communications for Runkeeper, and likes to run all over Boston, too.