Get out the door & stick with it.


Introducing… The Sweat Life Challenge!

There’s something oddly satisfying about ending a workout completely soaked in sweat. If you agree, then it sounds like you’re already living The Sweat Life. If not, now’s your time to shine or glisten, or whatever!

Track 3 hours of activity before October 9 to unlock a special shirt in the Runkeeper Store. Again, you must track the full 3 hours to be able to shop the shirt. All activity types will count towards completion, but they must be tracked by GPS or Stopwatch Mode.


Remember, this shirt (available in Men’s and Women’s sizes) is an exclusive reward for Challenge finishers. It features The Sweat Life mantra, which our entire active community can relate to. So, what do you say? Join The Sweat Life Challenge today!

Jillian Hudon

About the author:
Jillian Hudon

Jillian is Runkeeper’s copywriter… say that three times fast.