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Runkeeper is Ready for watchOS 3!

We’re excited to announce we are ready with a great new Runkeeper app for watchOS 3. As always, you’ll be able to leave your phone at home(!) and get all the Runkeeper stats you need to keep you informed and motivated on the run.

The new watchOS 3 operating system makes our app more responsive and speedy than ever before, and also bring some other exciting improvements with it, such as:

  • Starting an activity from the phone will automatically start it on the watch. You can focus on the workout, not the tech needed to track it.
  • Workout stats are available at a glance whenever you need them, no special settings required.

Runkeeper is ready for watchOS 3

We’re committed to building the best run tracking experience possible on the watch, so we’ve been fixing bugs and polishing up our watchOS 2 app as well over the last month. Be sure to download the latest version in the store. And keep an eye out for even better (GPS-powered!) Runkeeper Apple Watch app over the next couple weeks….we’re already hard at work!


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