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Celebrate Big Apple Runners with our NYC Routes Tee

We are a data-driven bunch here at Runkeeper.  As a merchandise buyer for the Runkeeper Store, I happily end up knee deep in sales reports and style analyses on a regular basis.  All of the teams here find their work informed by data, but one group in particular, our platforms team, does some serious information crunching on the daily.  And we’re excited to introduce a new store design that uses this expertise!

We created the Runkeeper Store largely to bring bring you exclusive Runkeeper designs and gear that celebrates your fitness journey.  It gives us the feels to come up with clever and quirky quips for you to unlock and earn and share with your friends.  But one question has lingered in the back of our minds: how could we use our real-world data to create something totally unique to Runkeeper?  We went to the map, as in, city-themed t-shirts.  After all, we are an international app and we literally run deep in cities across the globe.

Flexing some major data muscle, our platforms team produced “heat maps,” made up of  the most popular Runkeeper routes in Boston and New York.  From there, we worked closely with a graphic designer to turn those into a piece of art you’d want to wear.  We traded ideas and approaches and worked with her until we had something that was equal parts informative and fun.

Boston is for Runners

Our first design, out of Boston, highlights the top downtown neighborhood and urban routes tracked by Runkeepers.  Beantowners also love some of the local pond loops found just outside the city proper.  We tested the idea out at the 2016 Boston Marathon Expo and are happy to announce that we’re bringing the design to the Runkeeper store.

The New York design highlights top runs across the Big Apple.  We’re releasing this shirt just in time for the NYC Marathon – a course that crosses all five of the boroughs.  The number 16 celebrates a year’s worth of runs by our 2016 community, and acts as a key to identify the most popular routes on the map.  In each design, the city’s name is stamped “for Runners” to distinguish it from all the other map designs out there. This theme will continue for each location until we’ve made you an international series to call your own. We hope you enjoy this one, whether you’re a born-and-bred New Yorker or a data-driven runner.

Runkeeper NYC is for Runners Tee

Does Runkeeper run deep in your hometown? Let us know where we should go next!  And be sure to check out the New York tees.

Katie Muldoon

About the author:
Katie Muldoon

Katie Muldoon is an ecommerce buyer at Runkeeper where she loves hunting down great running gear and learning about what the industry has to offer. She feels like her most true self after a good workout. And yes, she will run for chipwiches.