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We’ve Got a GPS-Powered Update for Apple Watch Series 2!

Big day over here….we’re thrilled to introduce new Runkeeper updates for Apple Watch Series 2 and watchOS3. That means—you guessed it—we’re taking advantage of the new GPS capabilities in Series 2 for an even more seamless tracking and training experience. While we’ve allowed you to leave your phone at home for over a year when running with the Apple Watch, the new GPS functionality means you’ll get even richer stats from your workout and a post-activity GPS map shared to your phone—so you can see exactly where you traveled on those runs. Makes reminiscing on your running journey way more fun, right?

Pause Screen

Since the launch of Series 2, we’ve been hard at work to bring you the best running experience on the Watch. We’ve made a number of improvements in addition to the GPS superpowers, such as:

Customizable Activity Screen

Customizable Activity Screen

You decide what metrics to display on the watch when you’re on the go! To change the stats, just tap the stat after starting a run.

Heart Rate Graph

Hear Rate Graph

One of those metrics is a heart rate graph with a snapshot of the last five minutes—so you know just how hard you’ve been working on that run. The max heart rate defaults based on your age, but you’ll also be able to  adjust that in  settings.

Target Pace Graph

Target Pace Graph

You’ll also get to see the past five minutes of your workout to know how  you’re tracking against your target pace. You just need to set the target pace in your settings before heading out on your run.

Real-Time Updates

The watch vibrates each mile to let you know how you’re progressing

Larger Font Size

Makes it even easier to check the activity screen to see how you’re doing in a quick glance—without missing a stride!

All of this adds up to a wearable experience that we are really excited to get into your hands—errr—wrists!  So be sure to download the latest version in the store and take it out for a spin! We’ll be consistently working to make this the best it can be, so please share your feedback in the comments below.

Happy Running!


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