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Celebrating the Running Community with the Global 5K

On Saturday December 3, and Sunday December 4, 2016, runners and walkers from across the world came together to celebrate the 3rd edition of the Runkeeper Global 5K.

This is our favorite event and we love seeing everyone come together to showcase just how strong and vibrant the international running community can be. Runners of all abilities from every corner of the world joined us, and we loved hearing your stories. Check out the final participation numbers to see how your country stacked up!


One of the best parts of the Global 5K is seeing runners like you in action! For a lot of you running is an individual activity, but it’s always great to remember that you aren’t alone. Here are just a few of the moments you shared with us from across the globe.


This time of year can be tough for those of us in the northern part of the world but you proved that nothing, not even snow and ice, can stop you!



Deze #global5k was het lekker fris

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Some of you in warmer climates embraced the beautiful blue skies and sunshine!


You ran with your friends, family and colleagues!


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@runkeeper global 5k

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And even your four-legged friends! ?

You ran past breathtaking views.

Mooi Noordermolen ! #Global5k #global5kcontest2016 #kardinge #groningen #nevernotrunning

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And most importantly, remembered to have fun and celebrate your accomplishments!

Sorry Santa…we made the naughty list this year ????‍♀️ #global5k #runwithsanta

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From the "bassa", my first #global5k. Amazing! #NordicWalking

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Thanks for running everyone! It was another incredible Global 5K weekend and we can’t wait to see you out there next time. In the meantime #KeepRunning! This community is behind you every step of the way.


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